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  1. 1. I called in sick last week and my sick day didn't get used. My pay check said that I still have the hours. When I call in sick, do I have to tell them that I want to use a sick day? Should I go to the union?

    2. I work by the stop bar and the supervisors tell me to throw over miss sorts but some of my co-workers say that I don't have to and that it's the unloads job. When I am behind and cant throw the miss sorts over, the supervisors send someone from the unload. Do I have to throw these boxes over? Should I go to the union?
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    Thats two questions, but I'll try.

    1.When we call in sick or take a day off, we automatically lose an Option Day. If I take a day off, I tell my On Car and it is done.

    2.You work under the Supervisor, not your co-workers. Its called "work as directed", even if the results are bad. Its your Sup's job to keep an eye on how things are running, its his tail that gets chewed out after you go home.
  3. Cole

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    The contract says "Upon request" depending on your supplement. Always make it clear, I request a paid sick day.

    Usually if I am sick, I will tell them not to pay the 1st day, in case I am sick longer, then I'll request a psd.

    The methods are "hand to surface" use them, don't fail to follow instrcutions, do first, file a grievance later if neccessary. Point out the methods, state hand to surface, but do not refuse to work as directed, unless it is a huge saftey risk.

    Option days, are 7 days notice if you mean vacation day etc...so how do they take it without the proper notice?
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    Great question, I requested an optional last week, got the day but not the pay. So when I complained about it, sup says " Hey, you get extra day of later." The thing is, THEY dropped the ball. If I drop the ball (not make service or anything else that falls in with not performing my job), I'll be in the office, and they'll be "putting papers on it." Kinda falls down to accountability. Some managers have it, some don't. So let's review, if you fail, you have to choke on it. If your sup. fails you, you have to choke on it. Man, choking sucks. :crying:
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    DONT REQUEST a option day just call in and take it Management knows that we can take the option days at our convienience....NOT THEIRS..... we have given management cover drivers , so let them be used for the correct reasons , not to circumvent the contract!!!!:mad: :thumbup: BC
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    Not all "supplement's" are created equal. Some have to "request" an op day in advance like we do with our personal. Just ask Cole how there's works.
  7. Cole

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    The option/vacation day is 7 days notice whereas the personal is 8 days notice.
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    How many Option and personal days do yall receive each year? I thought I read where yall received more that we.
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    :confused:1I have recently heard rumors that UPS is proposing a OPTION 4 where we will get a couple of extra days but the catch is that they must be approved prior to using them. IMHO that really stinks ..... Parents with small children for example never know two days or weeks when little ones are gonna become ill...but for us old timers with grown kids ....well that MIGHT be a different story:thumbup1: BC
  10. Cole

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    Depends on how long you have been there, but usually 5 paid sick days, 5 personal Holidays and 5 vacation/option days, or you can ortion to bid them as a week vac.