4 weeks of vacation after 1 year and 3 months?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ThereIAm, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. ThereIAm

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    i started working in the pre-load in april, last year. i got paid a vacation week in april this year, then another in may. i just got paid another one last week and i was just told that i still have another.

    i was told that we only get two each year and i think* that's what the little contract book says.

    if this is some kind of an error, could i get fired or will they ask me to pay it back? does this sound right?
  2. scratch

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    This sounds like a big error to me. I wouldn't spend the last vacation check, you might have to give it back. You should contact payroll and tell your supervisor.
  3. ThereIAm

    ThereIAm Guest

    what if i say no and greive?
  4. j4bucks

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    I agree with Scratch don't cash it, I would give it back and talk to payroll right away.
  5. Dirty Savage

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    Dude be prepared to pay back that money if you have already spent it. I once took a day off to move and asked that I use one of paid optional days. At about the same time I had gone from part to full-time and because of some regulations I wasn't actually entitled to that paid day off. Long stony short two weeks later my paycheque came and a day's pay was deducted to repay the monies I was paid out for that one day that I wasn't entitled to.

    Contact your supervisor and or payroll admin person ASAP.
  6. rod

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    I got to pick a 20 year safe driving award 3 years in a row. center manager told me to after he had called (at least he said he did) who ever was in charge of the awards program and told them I had already received one and they still sent me another qualification notice. Nothing was ever said and when I qualified for my 23 year award things went back to normal. (he even ordered another safe driving cake for the 2nd 20 yr award.
  7. sendagain

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    Suppose you never say anything and then they catch it a few months from now, realize you are a thief, then make sure you don't get promoted. Stealing is really frowned upon by most companies. Figure out if you self respect is worth a few hundred dollars.
  8. HazMatMan

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    What if he has direct deposit?? You need to get this straightened out right away. You do need to tell your supervisor and have him/her call payroll. Don't let the sup procrastinate, try to be present when he/she calls payroll.
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  9. HazMatMan

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    Say no to what?? Grieve what??
  10. HazMatMan

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    You got a week in April for your one year, that check in May could have been for unused sick days and personal days. and now you got another check last week and are being told you have another one, Ok would anyone else agree with me that the check last week was for his 2nd year vacation and he is being told he has another week (2 weeks vacation after 2 years) Is it somehow possible they are paying him his vacations early for his 2 year seniority? And that check in May was possibly for unused sick days and personal days. So he may have only gotten 3 checks for vacation. (one check for one year, and 2 checks for his 2nd year of service) Does anybody else get that??
  11. Joopster

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    Well, I know that's wrong because at 6 years I get 2+1. I believe it goes up to four at 8 years.

    You should probably notify HR. Or just take your chances.
  12. fedxsux

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    it could of been his option weeks(A,B)
  13. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    1 year= 1 week
    2 years= 2 weeks
    5 years= 3 weeks
    15 years= 4 weeks
    20 years= 5 weeks
    25 years= 6 weeks

    It may be different where you work.
  14. ExupserNaples

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    First off it cant be stealing, they screwed up. The WORST that can happen is you get no check next year, and if you leave before that who cares.
    My situation was for 2 years in a row they hand out live checks (I had direct deposit) in the beginning of December for those people who had selected Option 3 and not used all their days. Well trust me I never made it past May without burning those days, and 2 years in a row they handed me that $900 and some dollar (net) check and I never said a word. I guess I was a thief, but the cruises were fun........:thumbup1:
  15. dragracer66

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    The only thing that you'll be grieving is your firing if you don't give the money back!!!!!
  16. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    This is real simple. Pretend you are expecting a refund from the IRS for $100. They send you $1000 instead.

    Do you take the money & run or do you have the sense enough to know it was a mistake?
  17. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    That is a good question. What do you do when the govt gives you an extra 900 dollars back for a refund, considering it was technically yours to begin with. UPS gives you more vacation pay you were entitled to. Where do you draw the line on morals??? Me personally, would absolutely notify UPS of the screw up, the govt, screw em.
  18. bear123

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    You cant grieve it because it is not your money in the first place. and guess what. If you have direct deposit, they will take it out anyway and worse, you wont know it because they wont tell you. I found this out, the hard way 5 years ago.