40 Ways America Is #1

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    Come on, where's that national pride at.

    If Osama bin Laden attacked us for our freedoms, he was as delusional about our country as we are!
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    But, but , but....I thought we were the "greatest". Oh the pain!!
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    How did you post this before klein?
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    Klein was too busy posting questionable photos.
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    # 1 we Had John Wayne !!!
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    John Wayne was a draft dodger. Only in the movies was he a hero.
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    Hooray America! You ARE AWESOME!

    41 months straight for a new record.

    My deep thanks to all those who make the sacrifice to go vote. It's only from your efforts that this was all possible to begin with.
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    Is America the Greatest Country in the World?
    America, much like all of the rest of the world, rarely has a particularly impressive government -- on the whole, usually governments everywhere are a mixture of the good and the bad (even Saddam Hussein's government gave its people free university tuition,
    Certainly, both Europeans and Canadians scratch their heads at the American attitude both to health insurance and guns.
    As is the case for all of us lucky enough to live in constitutional democracies, there are rules about police and legal organs infringing upon us, there are rules about our ability to protest in public, to consume media and arts, to speak freely on any topic, to vote if we are over a certain age, to appeal to higher courts if we feel we are being discriminated against.These things make America one of the best places in the world to live,


    Is America the Greatest Country in the World?