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  1. tieguy

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    The non union 401 K plan recently added some investment options. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing the teamster 401 K plan may mirror the changes the non union plan makes. If so check out the emerging markets option. Its paying 63.79 percent year to date. I'd be thrilled with half that.

    there is also a real estate option. I'm seriously thinking about rolling a portion of my plan into that since I expect the real estate market will turn around within the next year.

    all is my opinion. do your research. its always wise to diversify just in case.
  2. anonymous6

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    I have vanguard international in mine as a mutual fund. also have done extremely well with vanguard precious metals.

    will have to check out the real estate option. already have vanguard REIT which is commercial and has done poorly so far.

    my 401 just broke into it's highest value today even though the market is still down almost 40% down from it;s high of 14000.

    btw only have 2% of my total port in UPS stock. lots of confidence there, huh?
  3. klein

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    You do know, investing in precious metals is betting against the US greenback.
    The lower the greenback goes, the higher metals and natural resources go.
    It's a good guess now, what will happen.
    But, with all that national debt accumualting, my guess, would be another 10% drop in the US dollar.

    Real Estate, yes, I believe it hit it's low. Good time to invest.
    Mind you, it really depends how.
    Since intresst rates can only rise from here on... (keep that on the backburner).

    I still believe nasdaq (technoligy) stocks, are the safest bet.
    Since, new pc's , laptops, cell phones, games, etc, will sell no matter what.

    Just my opinion. But, I can see the nasdaq back at 4000 in the near long term.
  4. Bubblehead

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    I guess you managers will need to make the best choices to offset the lack of the company match this year.

    Maybe Scott Davis can chime in with solid financial investment advice.
  5. tieguy

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    I'm not crying over the match. I was fortunate in that I moved most of my money into the bond market before the equities crashed. Also rolled a big chunk of it into ups stock when it was in the mid 40's. Picked up 8 percent the past quarter with most of those gains coming from the s and p 400 and the international fund.

    I've been fortunate in that I have not seen the losses others have. In fact I'm up close to 20 percent this year.

    Instead of taking shots at each other over who got screwed by whom maybe we can use this thread to share ideas.

    what ya think?
  6. klein

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    Almost 26% return for me this past year (not included is todays huge hike).

    CIBC Nasdaq Index (CA:CIB520)

    3.31 +0.04 +1.22%Previous Close3.27
    CategoryUS EquityNet Assets43.23 MilDividend Yield0.00%
    Morningstar ratings:Minimum Initial Purchase500
    RiskAbove Average

    1 Year Return25.79%
    3 Year Return-2.32%ReturnHigh
    5 Year Return-0.56%
  7. cachsux

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    May I recommend investing in a great little company called SpellCheck. On the NASDAQ as MRNCNTSPL.
  8. anonymous6

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    well you are right about diversification. only 10-12 % of my port is in precious metals. another 25 % is in individual high yielding blue chips and the rest in various equity funds. only 10% cash.

    i'm all in as they say. up about 55% this year,

    am a strong believer of DCA ( dollar cost averaging ) almost all my investments are on auto-pilot. Max out 401k and have monthly deductions from bank to IRA accounts which are maxed out to to reduce taxes.

    also prepaying principal on house by several hundred a month so that house is payed off a year before I retire. saving thousands and thousands on interest.
  9. rapidrandall

    rapidrandall slow but sure

    With the government printing so much money, interest rates will be going up and the dollar down(my opinion). About six months I diversified some of my investments into gold, silver, bonds, foreign currencies and a oil stock.
  10. satellitedriver

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    Wise move.
    The time frame, of an investor, is the key variable in making investment decisions.
    Many good long term bargains are out there, but it is still a very slippery slope.
    I just wish I knew how long I will live, then I would know where to bet my money.
    My net worth is divided into thirds.
    1. Home and land (free and clear)
    2. Monies invested in the market.
    3. Cash, waiting to be invested.

    Good thread, Tie

  11. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Yup, here is something, you don't normally hear of :

    C$ - US$ chart for this year :
    (from March - November = 26% loss of the US dollar)


    Euro - US$ :

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  12. Bubblehead

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    It was intended to be more a of shot at our greedy CEO than a shot at those without your 20/20 foresight.
    I'm sure that you are the exception that managed to make all the right moves.
    Maybe you missed your calling?
    When Tieguy talks, people listen.
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  14. Bad Gas!

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    I have a huge investment in college for my kids....(1 kid in grad school, one starting college)..Return on investment: Maybe my kids will be stable in five years and off of mom and dad's payroll...LOL..
  15. rod

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    Don't count on it. They seem to always move home at least once after college when reality gives them that slap in the face. :happy2:
  16. mountaingoat

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    Smart thinking. I'm a big believer in DCA as well, and this downturn has been a very good buying opportunity for those of us playing the game. I'm also working on paying down the only debt that I have which is the mortgage.

    My 401K is balanced about 25% each in index funds, S&P500, S&P400, International, and Russell 2000. It has done quite well this year. It's not up to the value that it was at the end of 2007, but it has come back nicely. The 401K represents about 30% of my total assets, the rest being hard assets such as land and housing and other investments such as college funds.
  17. brownmonster

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    Our 401ks have done nicely this year with a diversified high risk mix. The wife and I almost got back half of the 125k we lost.:greedy: No guts, no glory.
  18. tieguy

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    I have a long way to go. when orange talks about dollar cost averaging I get that deer in the headlights look.
  19. anonymous6

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    DCA is when you buy shares of a mutual/stock , usually on a monthly basis in the same amount. works good on an automatic basis.

    I invest $100 a month in the S&P 500 ( as an example ). If the share is selling for $1 , I bought 100 shares that month. next month the price went up to $1.20 so i only got about 80 shares. next m0nth the price went down to .50 a share so with my $100 I got 200 shares.

    after 3 months , let;s say the price went up to the original $1 a share . back where i started , right?

    but I invested $300 but have 380 shares worth $380 instead of just $300 with a one time investment.

    the share price can go up and down and even not change over the course of a year or longer but you have made good money bc you bought more shares when the price is down automatically.

    that's how we have our IRA investments. automatic every month from our checking acct.

    the 401k works exactly the same with paycheck withdrawal. that is why my 401k is the same now as it was when the dow was at 14000. I got a ton more shares when the dow was at 6800 and while it was rising to it;s current 10000. If it goes back up to 14k , I'll be up another 40% plus.

    you make a ton if the market goes up and down.( and back up )

    as you can see DCA works a lot better than one time investments.
  20. Bubblehead

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    You must just have the Midas touch.