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  1. ThatsLogistics

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    The option is on the prudential website but it isn't an option for us. I emailed prudential to ask why we aren't able to utilize it and this is their response. "Your Retirement Savings Plan has not chosen to offer auto rebalance as an option".

    Is there any way that we can get UPS to let us be able to use this option?
  2. Gumby

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    Just have to transfer money from fund to fund. Rebalance it yourself. Not sure why they took away that option.
  3. upschuck

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    Rebalancing is like putting good performing monies into bad performing monies. Why would you want to put money from a historically 12% return into one with 8%, and that is what you are doing.
  4. Gumby

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    Or you can pick a target fund. it adjusts its holdings yearly.
  5. Gumby

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    Dont get greedy! Make a plan and stick to It. in the past 5 years,the Market is up around 150%. Nothing wrong with spreading your money out,a little bit.

    When the "correction" finally comes,it could be a steep one. The overseas markets,are starting to slow down. Their is over 400 billion dollars,in margine debt in the market.

    Something to think about!
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    The market has already started correcting. No need to panic. Just ride it out. This time of year is usually volatile with many mutual funds rebalancing their portfolios. I expect it to recover next month. The market is usually up after elections regardless of who wins.
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    Im not going to panic,I have a plan and I stick to It.

    With that being said,the people using margin,to buy stocks...spooks me a little bit.

    If the market takes a dive,they will sell off like crazy.
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    The only thing Im thinking right now is with the weekly 401k and UPS stock deductions is that; its like there is a sale going on and Im able to get more with the same amount of money than I did 2 weeks ago. There is nothing else to do but ride it out. Im not gonna be a buy high and sell low guy. Got to grasp the big picture; especially if you have a while to go in "the firm"...
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    We do have auto rebalancing. They are our target date funds.
  10. Brownslave688

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    Yep I was stoked when the market was cut in half during the recession.

    Way I see it I was buying stocks at prices they hadnt been available at in years. Similar to if gas was $1 a gallon right now. You'd be smart to buy 10,000 gallons if you had somewhere to store it.
  11. Gumby

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    The Target date funds,do have slightly higher fees,than the other funds.
  12. Brownslave688

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    You pay for convenience
  13. Gumby

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    I dont.
  14. Jones

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    Higher fees and lower returns, what's not to like?