46 CHEMA pkg drivers laid off

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    I heard that yesterday. I guess it's 46 between CHEMA and LYNMA. So if 46 drivers are laid off, it means they're working inside. Does that mean 46 inside people are out on the street?

    And 46 pkg drivers are now making inside rate. That has to be hard.

    Feeders is in the process of moving p/us to package. Any CHEMA pkg drivers have a new ex-feeder p/u? I was told from the top that where practical, feeder p/us will continue to be moved to package.

    Obviously, this will result in Feeder drivers being moved to Package (IMHO). Anyone just miss the 46 driver lay-off? This means you're still not safe.

    Good luck to us all.
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    we just had bids in our hub two weeks ago. we lost 10 feeder runs. all of those drivers bumped onto p/car. the 10 p/car drivers that got bumped took an 15% cut in their pay and are working nights.
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    That is correct. Also I hear NEXT WEEK is when the hammer really comes down hard for layoffs (this might be the result of the feeder moves, not 100%), this week is just a strip-tease

    I work twi-mid and we have 5 (FIVE) drivers coming into the preload op on the twi. Normally we are staffed 7 people, max. Where is everyone going to go? Most of us are F/T as well and probably have near as much or more juice than the laid off drivers, so I'm not sure how this is going to work out.

    I will definitely add to this thread as necessary. Yesterday I took a VLO to make some room but that's not going to happen again unless they force me out.

    My main Q is anyone teetering on the line of seniority to be bumped out, can they bump another inside employee to keep their continous shift? I know for a fact there are some low-seniority people working inside that management and union will "hide" and layof ahead of them if they can, it's pretty sleazy as you might be aware in Local 25. going to keep tabs on all of this...
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    We had our first round of layoffs, about 10 drivers who are all working inside now. Most of them (I think all) are still in progression though, so per the Atlantic Area supplement they continue to receive their driver progression pay rate.

    We're lucky in that we have a part timer who is red circled at the pre 1983 wage (somewhere around $24-$25), so if and when seniority drivers start getting laid off they will get paid the same as him for working inside.
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    Its getting really bad in willow grove PA. We had 31 feeder drivers and ten package car drivers moved back inside a little while back, and it looks like more have been added since then. The funny thing is we have a bulletin board that congratulates new hires for making 30 days. Guess its been a long while since thats been updated.
  6. rod

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    Ah- those were the days. There are still 2 gals left at my old center who work part time for 28 bucks+ an hour with full benefits. One is the morning clerk (no one knows what she does other than gossip with everyone) and the other one does re-wrap and porter. You can only imagine how much the UPS would like to get rid of those two.:wink2: P.S. Neither one of their husbands work :happy-very:
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    How many drivers does CHEMA/LYNMA have?
  8. I don't know about Lynn, but CHEMA is a rather big building (its a hub) so I'd say they have a decent amount of pkg car drivers/feeder drivers.
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    Just trying to get a feel for what % of the total were laid off.
    We see post saying "10 drivers laid off here" which really don't say much unless we know the total. If its a small center with 26 drivers total, then 10 is catastrophic, but if its a building with 200 drivers, not so much (unless you are one of the ten)
  10. InTheRed

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    Yes, CHEMA is a hub and is a big building...

    But how many drivers/centers does it have?

    CACH is a big building too...but it has 0 drivers.
  11. 705red

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    Cach has 0 package car drivers but well over 500 feeder drivers!
  12. tiegirl

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    Where can I apply?

    Hello. Do you know where I could apply for that job that pays $28 an hour. I would love to have the extra time to help my son with school and be the lunch mom and go to the beach and things like that. But right now I work a hard 40 hours a week with UPS and I have to work part time on the weekends to make the ends meet so if I could get a part time job at UPS for $28 an hour I could make some life adjustments that I would be much happier.

    So, where should I apply?

  13. rod

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    Re: Where can I apply?

    I hate to have to inform you that those days are long gone. I think the pay scale now is about 9 bucks an hour - without benefits for the 1st year or so. See what happens when a specific group of workers don't stick together at contract time. :dissapointed:
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    What do you mean "stick together?" UPS bought us off with the signing bonuses, that I believe the Union endorsed at the time. $1000 for the FT worker and $500 for the PTer. Taxes were taken out so it was like $330 for the PTer.
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    2 Feeder drivers sent inside a couple weeks ago in WORMA..

    Haven't heard about any pkg guys getting cut. But I wouldn't doubt it.

    Pretty sure they still get top rate.. There's a part-timer on the twi w/ 29 yrs. He gets something like 50 cents /hr less than top. I'll have to ask what they're getting paid.

    We do have a full-time sort @ driver pay, but it is a bid job. 125 bids. Everyone else is part time or combo.

    Rumor has it more feeder drivers will be coming in.

    I hear we are getting the LL Bean account from Fedex. Hopefully that will get us some volume, and some jobs.
  16. rod

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the part time workers have a very good track record of union envolvement. If they organized as a group they wouldn't get crapped on as much as they have the last few contracts. The signing bonuses were a joke, but it was a brilliant way for the company to get the contracts passed. UPS might have bought alot of people off with the bonuses --------------but not all of us. I can honestly say I never voted yes on a contract during my whole career--- not that I was a "Rebel" or "Troublemaker" --- I just always felt that we could have done better. If the part timers ever did get organized they could make it real tuff for the full timers to continue getting the BIG piece of the pie. JMO:peaceful:
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    Totally agree with you. If the PTers did organize, they would be a force to be bargained with. The guy at UPS who dreamed up the signing bonuses to get the "two tier" contract passed was a genius. Of course if UPS was paying the PTer drivers wages, we would not be competitive at all.
  18. rod

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    THere are 4 centers, roughly 200 routes and 55 covers. I am not counting them all, but thats a rough estimate
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    I don't know about 019, as it's another local.