4th of July ........plans too

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. moreluck

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  2. moreluck

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    Theer are only 16 houses on our cul-de-sac , so it's a street party on Sunday celebrating the 4th. One neighbor is making the sausage and peppers for sandwiches and the rest are bringing dishes.....salads......potato, macaroni and dessert.....all sorts of yummy stuff.

    How do we really have a 4th of July weekend when the 4th is on hump day?.
  3. dilligaf

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    ​We are having friends over for a BBQ on Wed.
  4. Jones

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    It's gonna be hot and humid all week, I'll be glad to spend hump day sitting home in the AC.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am on vacation this week---I like to take my vacations with a holiday included for the extra $$$.

    I plan on having a quiet week but would like to spend the 4th with my son and his female friend ("she's a girl and she's my friend but she's not my girlfriend") and my daughter in Lake Placid.
  6. ajblakejr

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    Very nice.

    In my experience, your son missed the open window to be intimate with this girl but still has hope.
    In her mind, the physical contact between friends is very casual with a hug, a kiss, or a pat on the back.

    Harry explains everything...

    Or I am just so bored that I am looking for a thread to play in.....
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sally would be high maintenance although she thinks she is low maintenance.
  8. ajblakejr

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    Fouth of July.

    That is what I am doing...maintenance.
    My yard!!
  9. moreluck

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    Potato salad done by 6:00 AM!!!! Now the flavors can 'marry' most of the day and get chilled good.

    It's a huge bowl of it. My part of the block party meal at 3:00 today..

    Then on Thursday, my daughter and 2 granddaughters will come in from Vegas. The grandkids will stay for a couple weeks. SHOPPING !!!!!!! Grandpa will do the beach thing with them.
  10. moreluck

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  11. soberups

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    I have always felt that Independence Day should be celebrated on the first Friday in July instead of on the 4th.

    Other holidays such as Labor and Memorial day are celebrated on a first Monday, and Thanksgiving is celebrated on a Thursday with the following day also being a holiday for most.

    In addition to the general lameness of a holiday being on a Wednesday, it doesnt get dark up here in early July until almost 10:00 at night so, as in years past, people will be up late lighting off fireworks long past the point where many of us need to be in bed so that we can go to work the following morning. Friday night would be a much better night for that sort of thing than a work night.

    I wind up getting stuck staying up late on "fire watch" on the 4th of July. Oregon has fairly strict laws about fireworks; bottle rockets, Roman Candles and pretty much anything that shoots up into the air is illegal. The problem is that most people around here simply evade the law by driving up to Vancouver WA (less than 45 minutes away) where the laws are far more lax, and stocking up on hundreds of dollars of the "good stuff" that inevitably winds up landing on my roof or my lawn where I need to be ready with a hose to put out fires. I am not a fan of illegal fireworks.
  12. curiousbrain

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    If only Mother Nature would accommodate made-up holidays.
  13. ajblakejr

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    Hence, the first mistake made by the men which govern our country.
    They had no concept of the three day weekend.

    Or week could just blame it on Bush.
  14. soberups

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    It would be a lot simpler for the made-up holidays to accomodate Mother Nature.
  15. moreluck

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    When you're retired, every day's a holiday!

    Ok, I'm ready!!!
  16. Jones

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    It wasn't made a federal holiday til 1870, so not really their bad.
  17. soberups

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    In all seriousness, I wonder what the process would be to have this holiday changed?

    Having a holiday like the 4th on a Tuesday or Wednesday is an expensive logistical nightmare for a lot of companies. It doesnt work well for anyone. My wife was telling me about what a hassle it was to plan for a Wedensday 4th at her company of 60 employees. I know firsthand what a hassle it is for UPS. I can only imagine the billions of wasted dollars on a nationwide scale. The three-day weekend is a routine scenario that most companies can plan for with little difficulty, whereas the mid-week 4th is a royal pain in the ass. Perhaps this 142 year-old holiday tradition needs to be reevaluated and revamped to fit in with the needs of the 21st century.
  18. curiousbrain

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    There is a discussion about the inconvenience of this holiday, when the whole reason this holiday exists is because people died for this country.

    I hate to be the one to bring up this irony, but if I may ... grow up.

    edit: That's not singling out soberups, or anyone .. but just a general statement.
  19. Jones

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    That ship sailed a long time ago baggin. For most people and companies it's a paid day off with beer, bbq, and fireworks and it makes perfect sense to schedule it for a more convenient time. First Friday in July sounds good to me.
  20. cachsux

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    From the look on her face I'd say when you're retired you need Metamucil.