5 Dead In N. Illinois University Massacre

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Channahon, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Has there not been one EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK?
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    Prayers for the victims, their families and the NIU community. As I've mentioned several times, I grew up in northern Illinois. Many of my high school classmates attended Northern. I was flipping channels this afternoon when a CNN Breaking News report flashed. I called my folks to see if anyone we knew had been reported as injured or otherwise. As of this moment, I haven't heard anything. I've contacted one of my high school classmates that just graduated from Northern. Everyone is in shock and grieving right now. -Rocky
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    why do we have laws that are use-less to law-abiding citizens?? Everybody knows that 'criminals' in general do not obey the law(s) that are on the books.. So why then do punish lawful persons and prohibit them from being able to defend themselves? The state of Illinois is one of a few states that are very much anti-gun. For example, the city of Chicago, you must get an act of Congress to keep/purchase/possess, etc. a firearm in the city limits. What a bunch of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
    Why should any one person have to perish at the hands of another? Only God knows the answer to that one. IMAO, when an entity, a business, a university, a whatever; prohibits me from carrying my concealed weapon, that tells me that THEY are taking responsibilty for my safety. Do any of you really trust Uncle Buster to take care of that?? 'course not...that costs$$$$$$.
    Here's what I don't understand: If the state of Ohio, Utah, and the FBI say that its 'ok' for me to CCW... who the hell is anyone else to say that I can't? Private property rights and the FEAR that the Left-wing breeds into ppl's minds is what to blame here. If I knew for a fact that my life was on the line every day... I would carry it with me. Oopps... I forgot ..my life is on the line everyday. I pray I make it home everyday... I've got ppl countin on me to get out there and do it all over again.