5 Key Quotes from UPS on the Freight Industry and the Economy

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    5 Key Quotes from UPS on the Freight Industry and the Economy - Seeking Alpha

    1. The state of the overall economy
    It’s obvious to everyone in the business world that economic conditions in the U.S. continue to slow. Economists hold a bleaker outlook for the second half of this year and it was the case even three months ago. Soaring fuel prices, falling housing starts, increased unemployment, weaker consumer confidence -- all of this paints a picture of a faltering economy. While GDP and industrial production may bottom out in the second half of this year, recovery is expected to be a slow, drawn-out process. Predictions are that it will be 2009 before improvement in the economy becomes apparent.
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    This may be true, but where one is failing another is prevailing. This is a time where those who have money (cash) like UPS, they make out like bandits. Many stocks fall because of association. Example, UPS uses alot of gas, investor A thinks bad times ahead for ups and sells ups stock. He also tells friends to sell stock in ups, without ever looking at UPS profits, or a plan to combat high gas prices. Investor b comes along and buys what investor A sold cheap and hangs on because he know ups will come out of it. This is what makes the world go round. On man sees a glass half empty while the other see it half full. The only reason UPS would play the bad economic times card right now it because it is a contract year. When the future looks bleak remember there must be bad so that we know what good is. Right now things are not that bad. During the great depression you had 50% or more unemployment and an ever worse mortgage default. Right now we only have around a 6% unemployment and a 7% or so default rate. The problem for most people right now is we have had it so good nobody wants to cut back for even a short time while things work itself out. I am new to bc, and I like it alot. Thanks for the opportunity for a little free speech. Good luck to all, live long and prosper.