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    I have been reading different threads in the retirement section of the forum and have seen references to "points" and "25 and out". I know drivers out of three locals and we are all 25 years of service minimum age of 57. I have nineteen years of service and am looking at nineteen more until I reach 57. :sick: talking to my business agent, I asked him why our local doesn't offer the straight 25 and out. He told me we have the 51+ plan, something along the lines of years of service + age = 82 and you can retire at a lesser monthly benefit. Has anyone done this, and if so, how much did your monthly decrease?
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    The Western Conference has Peer 80 and Peer 85--when you age and years of service add up to either 80 or 85 you are eligible to retire.

    Soberups is from that conference and would know much more about either of those two plans than I do.

    Our is simple--30 years of service and 55 years of age for a full pension.
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    That's interesting. And more confusing because I'm referring to locals in PA. I obviously need to talk to someone at my local to find out if we are Peer 80. I appreciate you giving me the proper name.
    Either way, I have at least 14 years left, but 14 is nicer to think about on these long hot days than 19 is.
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    With 14 years left you still have plenty of time to properly prepare yourself financially for retirement.
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    I don't know how anyone can be so naive as to think, "I got 14 years and plenty of time to plan...."

    I didn't know the charts were distributed for "remaining time".

    You plan, God laughs!!
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    OK ... so you are suggesting that this person should say screw it, I'm not going to put away for the future?

    I assume your husband did all the financial planning for retirement? :wink2:
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    It wasn't until my divorce was final and my financial obligations to my kids were complete that I was able to first focus on paying down and eliminating my debt and then on building for retirement. This all took place in the last 10-15 years which left me 9 years to save for retirement. Granted, 30 years is better than 9, but life has a bad habit of getting in the way sometimes and 9 years is better than not saving at all.
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    I'm saying, don't be so damned cocky as to think your plans are the way it will be. You still plan.....failure to plan is planning for failure. I'm just trying to impress on people how fragile life is.

    I've mentioned before about a best friend who decided to work a few months longer after her husband retired from UPS.

    She worked and kept busy and when she finally decided to stay home and they could travel, he got esophogeal cancer
    and was gone quickly. Her retirement time with her husband was spent in doctor's offices and radiation treatment.
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    I can back that up.

    My father retired on a Friday in perfect health. He was 65, and still climbed mountains with his dog at his side.
    He died the following Monday.

    Don't wait to retire. Do it as soon as you can. The days ahead are fewer than the days behind. Maybe a LOT fewer.
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    I have the Sears 2X Plan when it is time to retire I plan to go to Sears and buy 2 large appliances with my retirement money sell the appliances and live in the carboard boxes 1 for me and 1 for my wife.
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    More luck was right. I'm was naive. But hallelujah and amazing grace I have seen his light. I quit my job to enjoy my remaining time, although I hide in the closet during lightning storms in case He decides it's my time. (I know. Naive again)
    Look, moron. I asked a legitimate question on a work related forum. Shouldn't you be on HolyRollers.com? Wow. Just. Wow....please refrain from being a pushy chicken little.
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    I read all this and ponder....hmmm 56 and should I go?... I must pray....
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    66 years 2 months here 8 + to go I dream of growing tomatoes,playing with the grandchildren,watching their games in a lawn chair,making homemade wine,fishing,golfing ,and maybe a little traveling.If God blesses me.PT @ Brown is therapeutic compared to the BS and problems I deal with all day maybe I can hang out for a couple after 66