70 year old feeder driver in accident

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  1. rod

    rod retired and happy

    discuss. personally I think it's sad that some people don't know when to retire. Story is on the Brown Cafe home page
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    Being 70 y.o. used to be old but not today, not any longer. I don't know the feeder driver specifically but instead of passing along the sentiment that some don't know when to retire, we should wish him well in this very difficult time. I work at the W.Sac hub and there are several older feeder drivers who if retired when I want them to, I could possibly take one of their jobs but it is THEIR decision to make and as long as they pass the medical exam, who am to say they shouldn't be driving?? As long as they do a good job and still enjoy it, then let them keep going. But that is just my take....
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    We are all going to have to work until we are 70, thanks to Central States.
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    If a driver wants to continue driving and passes the exam and stays certified, then whats the problem?
    There is nothing indicating that it was his fault.

    Get well soon Joseph, we're praying for you and your family.
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    San Pedro Valley News-Sun | Serving communities of Benson, St. David, Pomerene, Cascabel, Mescal, J-Six and Dragoon
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    I don't think that it was feeder driver but a line haul driver for UPS Freight. This one line from story - "The rig, pulling dual trailers, was transporting paint." I don't think that they would mention paint unless it was a trailer load.
    Since paint is haz mat and a trailer load would have to be placerded, it would be freight that does placard and not parcel who does not.

    If true, it means that they cannot retire any early than us.
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    Just lurking, you beat me to that very point. Good catch. Also UPS has many subsidaries on the SCS/Logistics side that could also explain this as well.

    Also Speeddemon is correct, CS will have us all working to 100 before it's over with! When we fall over dead on the job UPS will call a responder and box us up and their last parting gift of thanks for years service to us will be free shipping to the morgue! And they'll throw in the frozen turkey to act as an ice pack to preserve us for the mortician.


    Wish the 2 folks in the accident the best and a speedy recovery!
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    Not all paint is hazmat.latex requires no placards.Also before UPS purchsed overnite you could retire with 30years at55.If the IBT gets a hold of the old overnite pension it willbe70.
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    Was his name Marty?
  10. over9five

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    "Was his name Marty?"

    Nope. Too young to be Marty.
  11. Here is a link with two pictures:

    Looks like one of ours, think the only reason they mentioned the paint was because the trailer caught fire. Did some more searching a found another article that said the tractor-trailer in front of the UPS rig swerved at the last minute to avoid hitting the grader giving the UPS driver less time to react.
  12. Teamster251

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    The new UPS Freight flat floor pups look exacly like our flat floor pups. Can't see any logos so the proof may lay in the text of the article.
    UPS does not haul "load of paint" as quoted from the article.
    UPS Freight does haul HazMat loads of paint.

    Looks more like a deiesl fuel fire than anything else.

    My prayers are for both operators involved for a speeding recovery.

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    :confused:1 So, how long do you have to work at UPS to retire. Also how long do you have to work to get your full pention????????????????????:confused:1

    An informed responce would be nice.
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    That is a ups set,it look's like a brand new 360 ww series pup. The ups freight pup's dont have a spot for the king box like our's do. And from the way the first picture look's it has a king box on it. Also the stack on the tractor look's like the stack on our new mack vision tractor's... And if all that paint was latex it would'nt need any hasmat plaqards.

    AZUPSER Guest

    This person is a UPS Feeder Driver based out of Phoenix. He is one of the longest tenure feeder drivers. And the tractor was a new one.
  16. Squeek

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    Looks like somebody needs to review their 5 seeing habits and 10-point commentary.
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    Good eye's dragracer....I'm impressed!!!:thumbup1:
  18. hoser

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    UPS would force them to retire then they would get slammed with ageism lawsuits.
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    I know in my hub we have a few feeder drivers that plan on dieing inside their trucks. It seems they have been through some nasty divorces and don't plan on retireing unless they absolutly have to because their ex-wives get half their pension and retirement benefits. Its kinda sad, but thats how our court system works. :closedeye
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    It will be an accident if I live to be 70.