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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by CachFeeder, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. CachFeeder

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    Local 705 contract talks are about to begin and the union is being very secretive about who will be on the commitee. I hope that nobody from the preceeding contract is allowed (they should be too ashamed to even try)
    Our contract usually copies the national but they better not even be close this year. The national took all kinds of concessions for the Company to bail out Central States. Our pension is healthy and solvent. We better not see any such concessions or takebacks. Our local talks big ... lets see if they bargain big.
  2. paidslave

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    How many drivers in 705 now?
  3. hondo

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    Don't forget that CACH alone has something like 5,000 inside employees.
  4. JonFrum

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    At least Locals 705 and 710 won't have to be steamrolled into early agreements that few understand just to meet the phoney January 1, 2008 deadline, or the "October One (2007), or We're Done" negotiating slogan.

    What's the shipping and investing public going to say when they realize there's still a possibility of a UPS strike (or two) because two large bargaining units who control crucial transit points in the UPS system are only now starting negotiations? And those members have had their eyes opened while watching the National Master Agreement debacle.
  5. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Good luck to you all up there in 705. I wish we were that strong down in the south. It seems just a few of us hold the entire line against the company.

    FAVREFAN Member

    I had alot of faith in Steve P. until I saw he was there for the National negotiations. Don't expect much more than a little better language for us. He is happy with the National. Did you read the 705 update? It's as if the National was a big, big win. What a joke. O.k. They protected pensions/healthcare, but splitting that raise is ridiculous. I'll take that little 70 cent raise but don't split it up, common on, they're kidding right?
  7. paidslave

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    Supposedly there is an increase in money going into the plan per employee but doesn't seem as though any pension was raised in this region..

    More money going in and no more money going out for 705 and 710's pension...Remember before you vote it doesn't sem there is any increase in pension payouts!

    Please do your own do diligence!
  8. Griff

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    Gotta say I'm jealous of the solidarity in these areas. I work with a bunch of patsies, makes me sick. If transfers were possible I wouldn't even think twice about leaving for Chicago or NYC.
  9. ups79

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    UPS doesn't say what pension payouts are, they only put the money into the plan. Your union and trustees determine whether to increase your pension pay out.
  10. mrvngrdns

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    I believe 710s pension plan is only 65% (or something like that) funded. Perhaps the extra contribution will be used to fortify the funding.
  11. ups79

    ups79 Active Member

    67.65% as of jan. 31, 2007. Don't know why is always takes about 9 months to release thes fiqures.
  12. blacknproud

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    What about the elimination of 22.3's
    That won't change
    5 Years from now our jobs will be the most admired for what we have gained and lost all withing 10 or so years.
    I do have faith in Steve....I do trust him, I also like Juan and kenny, good guys.....we need to bridge the pay gap though...IMO:angry:

    FAVREFAN Member

    I have faith in no-one but myself and God.
  14. CachFeeder

    CachFeeder New Member

    Well here we go again. Yesterday one of my stewards asked our BA what we would be asking for in the new contract. He replied that we would "try and get what the National got"
    We are screwed before we even begin. How about going into talks asking for more, and then settle on the same if we have to. If we go in hoping for the same lousy language - we will get less.
    Thats negotiating.

    UPS is crying poor and these guys are buying it.
  15. ogrelord

    ogrelord Ground Down

    everything goes threw chicago, don't stand for nothing but the best. if your BA is going to (TRY) and get the same as the national. ya need to vote him out...
  16. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Maybe its because of us hicks here in the south. We won collectively today around 12,000 in greivances at the local hearing and the last 22.3 guy is owed 180 Article 17's, in the neighborhood of 16k for him alone.
  17. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    WOW!!! What is an 'Article 17' grievance, anyway? Please don't beat me up. I'm just curious what this is. -Rocky
  18. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Rocky article 17 (at least in 705) is paid for time. It deals with pay shortages and to insure that everyone gets paid for all the time they spend working, this is one of my favorite articles, because this is how i keep the drivers off of the dock in the morning and the preloaders on the clock.

    As to 705s contract i do know that all of our ups agents have been going over the contract for weeks now, and are this close to finalizing our offer to give to the company. I assure you that the offer deals with our concerns and does not mirror the national. Now thats not to say that the company will not counter with the same offer, but its way to early to start bashing our elected reps before we see the final offer that will be put out to us for a vote. If the offer is a close to the national then its upto us to vote it done. Many of you on here from 705 know who i am and know that stand up for what i believe and i will campaign against the national offer here with the same motivation that i used to help steve and the guys get into office and get re-elected. Once i get more info i will post it.

    Cach im not sure if they are using any rank and filers on the commitee, look how many upsers milked the local for pay during the last contract, just open to the back of the contract. We all love steve because he is a penny pincher and has turned this local around from being in debt to being in the black by a million plus dollars in under 5 years, this was not an easy task and this contract will not be easy, but we here in chicago know how to unite and to stand tall in our convictions!
  19. paidslave

    paidslave New Member

    Just how does this language keep the Drivers off the dock in the morning? Do you actually talk with the driver that is on the dock before the start time?

    Not sure how this one is even enforced..I am sure many would like your expertise on this topic.

  20. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Any driver that is on the dock on his own time we file on him to get him paid, which forces the companys hand by making sure no drivers spend anytime on the dock. If and when they pay that driver we have a senior driver file for seniority which now makes the company pay 2 people at overtime instead of 1 preloader at straight time.