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  1. 705red

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    2933 voted yes in favor of the strike, 232 voted no aganist the strike and 5 people forgot to mark yes or no so those ballots are marked as spoiled.

    3,230 memebers took time out of their sunday for something that is very important to them. I would like to thank everyone for voting and dealing with the lines. I took video of the day and we are working to get this put up for everyone to see. Now ups has 4 days to settle this contract or at least make some progress or chicago walks at midnight july 31st.
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    The company has tested the resolve of 705. Now they know. As I've stated repeatedly the company cannot and will not allow a strike. I think there will be a new and improved attitude at the negotiation tables this week. Stay strong 705 in your pursuit of a good and fair contract. All true Teamsters have your back. The cowardly selfish members will continue to cry, shiver, and plead for you to concede and except the short comings of the contracts they work under. Show them how it is done.
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    I am getting my wieners ready!

  4. Hopefully now the company will get back to the bargaining table. Neither side wants a strike. If 705/710 are able to get stronger language it will serve as a template for the next Master.

    Red, do you know what is going on at 710? We haven't been notified of any strike vote to my knowledge.
  5. tieguy

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    Approximately 23 percent voted for the rest.

    Next we'll get the speechs on how the company has been scared into negotiating in earnest due to the union scaring them with the strike vote.

    Your local may still throw in a 72 hour notice just to grandstand a little more. Its important these negotiations are fully leveraged to make it look like the union is forcing the company to negotiate.

    I wonder why the other 77 percent of the members did not bother showing up.
  6. Load Stand

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    Good job Chicago....way to go...what are you agreeing to strike for again...supervisors doing work, PTers low starting wage rate, PT v FT seniority for vacations and bidding...

    Don't you have better things to worry about? Are you getting compensated fairly or not overall - YES! Is the company struggling with costs and looking to affect only the unborns - YES!

    Let the company find ways to find people that want to work here...let them have the starting wage proposed and let them figure out when and if they must supplement wages with our enticements like signing bonuses to man their buildings and routes...or pay their sups to work instead of manage....

    This is what you are arguing about...used to be striking was about serious safety concerns or lack of fair benefits ...You want to strike for such trivial things...you gambled by not joining the nma, and are going to lose.... Good job Chicago!
  7. Sirapak

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    Thank you for the results 705red. I saw you taping the voting! Good Job. I knew that more people than usual would show up to vote. I am proud to be one of those 2933 that voted yes.
  8. 705red

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    We do not need to give a 72 hour notice, this is the companies notice. When you strike for a contract you can walk as soon as it has expired, as long as its not over monetary issues.

    Tie when was the last the american public voted 23% on something as important as lets say the president of the united states?

    Nice spin tie, but if you compare the votes for the nma that were done by mail compared to the membership that could have, you might be surprised at the totals.
  9. BigBrownSanta

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    Since the intent of the vote today was to authorize a strike, it was incumbent upon the no-voters to show up and vote to prevent the strike.

    Since they didn't show up in sufficient numbers to prevent the strike vote from passing, I would contend the majority of non-voters must have approved of going out on strike.
  10. tieguy

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    About 55 pecent for president. You might have done better if you went for a midterm election.

    So Red what happened to the 10,000 that did not show up?
  11. tieguy

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    So you will put them all in as yes votes?
  12. 705red

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    If this is trival, what would upset you? We dont know how to lose! Only quitters quit, while fighters fight.
  13. BigBrownSanta

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    Either that or apathetic no-voters, which is about the same either way you look at it, isn't it?
  14. 705red

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    I believe they were called in for a special sort and decided to take the overtime to put away for a rainy day around the corner.
  15. drewed

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    its still 55% red of voter aged participation, 69% registered voters :) point killed sorry

    WOW maybe not before MAYBE but if thats not union propaganda.....
  16. Mike Hawk

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    Could you translate that to proper English? Thanks.
  17. ogrelord

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    it's there own fault for not showing up. when you don't vote, you don't get a say. the almost 3000 that did vote made the choice for the ones that didn't want to care about the contract.
  18. Hawaii50

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    I can't believe Chicago is fighting about some of issues.

    Ptimers starting wage is a concern! But so is going to work and not having to worry about someone rear-ending you at a stop light and then they go to hospital, this is now a terminating offense. this illegal. If this is a terminating offense. I would sue UPS for wrongful termination. I can't control the driving enviorment around me. I
    How about losing your seniority if you go out on work comp?

    How about cutting ftimers vacation to 40 hrs? How much hours does FTimers currently have?
    How about not going back to your job if your on fmla? If you are leave you not suppose to go back to your job. That's why it's called family medical LEAVE act "FMLA".
    How about sitting at home on call for feeder as they work everyone upto 60 hours and you have not worked this week? Valid
    How about suncontracting? Does this not concern you? I'm curious what types of jobs is being subcontracted?
    In chicago an 8 hour work day is 8 hours, not 8.5! I can't believe Chicago is upset with 8.5 hours . If 8.5 hours pretains only to drivers. I wished I worked in Chicago. I would rather work 8.5 hours a day, then 10 to 11 hours a day.
    If you get charged with a dui you can lose your job? Well, driving under the influence is illegal. Don't get caught.

    If Chicago walks, do all the other UPS/teamsters who have already settled their contract disputes have to honor Chicago's line?
  19. haydendavid380

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    Is this both 710 and 705 or just 705? I looked on 710's site but there isn't a link to view the proposals like on the 705's. Is there anyway to view the ones for the 710 elsewhere?
  20. tieguy

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    Well if you put them in as no votes then the strike vote does not pass.