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    Hello I’m looking for the language on being forced to 70hrs I’m in the central region and currently hold a TDP position. My manger has told us TDP drivers we are at 70hrs while the rest are at 60hrs. We are not to touch any type of package car or we are in violation of DOT service. Which I know is a lie as I recall we are paid double time for anything over 60 correct? I believe they are using me being “feeder qualified” as a loophole to avoid the double time

    could someone help point out where this language is I can’t seem to find it
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    I’m looking online If that makes a difference, I don’t see anything on the 70hr rule
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    Sorry but I don't know what TDP is. So I don't really understand your situation. Article 26 Section 5 has the Dot hours of service language about going to 70 hours.

    I don't know of any other language in any supplemental contract.
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    Correct, sort of.

    If you touch a package car, you are a package car driver, not a feeder driver, so you are subject to 60 hour limit, not 70.

    If you go past 60, you are then in DOT violation.

    No you're not.

    You are correct.

    They are using you as a feeder driver, not a package driver.

    That's why your sup does not want you touching a package car.

    Article 26 Section 5 of the Master

    Trailer Delivery & Pickup. Same as CPU, Central Pickup.

    He is being used as a feeder driver, not a package driver.


    Double time for package drivers over 60 hours, but not for feeder drivers.
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    Seems like a huge loophole. I will be delivering packages out of the trailer to post offices and maybe a couple dump stops. Seems like package car work just in a trailer

    I’m still a normal driver I am only feeder qualified. I am not on the feeder seniority list. In my center we stay with the normal driver group and bid to become feeder drivers
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    It is.

    Driving a tractor trailer = Feeder Driver

    But, at the moment, you are a feeder driver, and paid feeder rate.

    Being qualified means they can use you anytime they need you in feeders, and when they need you and you do feeder work, you are a feeder driver, paid feeder rate and covered under feeder contractual language.
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    I’m not allowed to do any sort of feeder work. I can’t steal work from feeders as I’m not a feeder driver I’m only able to do work that’s based out of my center.
    It seems this loophole is a huge grey area
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    What do you call doing what you're doing now?.

    When you drive a tractor trailer, you are a feeder driver, no matter what you do.

    You are now.

    Being a feeder driver doesn't mean having to do work outside your center.

    That's what TDP is. Making local deliveries and pickups within your center.

    Being a feeder driver means driving a tractor trailer, period.

    No grey area, you are a feeder driver at this time.