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  1. mikeups1978

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    Well since I have to have 3 years of on-road experience to be a 710 driver I wonder how I'm going to get the experience if I'm a 22.3 combo full-timer.
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    That's kind of how I thought it would be when I posted this:
    #9 back in this thread: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f6/feeder-driver-336714/
    So are there actually any L710 feeder openings? From several sources, there don't seem to be any new or replacement L705 feeder jobs right now. Have you talked to the 705 & 710 business agents? Or is it that you would really prefer the 710 work over 705's?
  3. Mike57

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    I heard of several openings in Louisville Ky.
    I ran with a Louisville driver the other day, he said that needed several!
  4. rushfan

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    Better a 710 feeder than a 420 feeder!
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    Indy is currently in the process of bringing in 20 more feeder drivers, with another 20 possibly by mid to late summer. Only time will tell if that comes to pass though.

    Oh, and in response to the OP if 710 is anything like here they will train you to get your CDL when you go into feeders. Although it makes no difference if there are no openings.
  6. mikeups1978

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    I would prefer 710 but if I have to go to 705 for a while so be it!
  7. mikeups1978

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    What's a 420 feeder? Where are U from if U don't mind me asking?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    420, 705, and 710 are Union local numbers.
  9. cachsux

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    For a while? You don`t get to jump from one to the other at will. Even if you could there would be a long line ahead of you seniority wise.
  10. cachsux

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    Gee, you`re getting soft in your old age. Someone tosses up a softball and you didn`t even swing. You were supposed to say that is the average weight of a veteran feeder driver.
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    Thats only if your a Providence feeder driver!! You have to be 250 to get in ,they max at 420 !!
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