8 driver progressions normal??

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    hello. just was informed of this site. i went to driving school in 2007. upon trying to qualify they would let me get 25 days in then let the time run out and work me again. ive been through 8 "30 in 90" day periods. now they have seasonal drivers covering for vacations and dont need me. anyone else expieriance this? my building has not taken a new driver since 2k6
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    You are being screwed. Have you asked your business agent about this?

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    all they could do is hold the next available full time position for me to start my 9th! progression. i freakin ran scratch twice every progression then they would send me out with a garbage truck or on a route in the blind. cant stand the games this company plays with its employees livelyhood!:biting:
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    They played this game with the part timers back when they made virtually the same rate as the drivers. When the $8.00 / hr starting rate came into effect for all new hired part timers, all the higher rate people got "red circled". Suddenly if almost by magic, all the "red circled" guys were going driving and making seniority! Imagine that!