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  1. Jim Kemp

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    This might be a dumb question but here goes.
    If you are granted your two eight hour request in a month and you work over the 8.5 and file for the penalty pay can you request two more that same month? To me it seems like you should because the co did not live up to their end of the bargain by adjusting your load so you could get off.
  2. idrivethetruck

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    yes, since they were not honored, you are entitled to request 2 more
  3. scratch

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    I told my center manager yesterday that I was going to start using my 8 hour requests on Monday when they bust routes out. I was over 9.5 everyday last week and am fed up with it. He told me that he is now told to plan 9.4 hour days instead of 8.5 like we used to have. I bet the next earnings report will look great.
  4. YouKnowWhoIam

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    I will go to management and complain................wait,that wont do me any good. I know,I will file a grievance.....................wait,that wont do me any good. Ive got it,Im going to request 6 1/2 hour days so I come in at 8.0. Problem solved!
  5. soberups

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    No, you can have the penalty pay or you can have the days rescheduled within the same month, but you cant have both.
  6. whiskey

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    I bid off my route 3 consecutive years in a row. And was never moved. What's up with that?
  7. Jones

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    Are you sure about that?
  8. Jim Kemp

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    I think you should get two more request. I really don't want or need the penalty pay. What I want is an 8 hour day but UPS only understands one thing.
  9. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure you get the penalty and a new request, but the way it's setup with having to submit the request 5 days in advance is going to limit how many times you can use that request in the same month anyway.