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    It bothers me that Pres. TS says "This is the best local contract ever" when it is clearly all hinging on the possible pension increase that hasn't be voted on yet. There is no guarantee! A signed letter of intent isn't a guarantee!

    It bothers that Vice Pres. Pete is rumored to say to my fellow workers that "The pension will fall through". I am only calling it a rumor because the person who told me isnt always 100% correct but I asked around and it seems like it is most likely correct and probably not a rumor.

    TS and another BA are on the national list of supporters of the National contract yet they tell us to vote it down..... I'm so confused!!!

    If the pension falls through the contract isn't worth the paper I mailed back with a big "NO" on it.

    I try to support my union reps with no politics but the questions are adding up and putting doubt in all our minds.

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    How can anyone guarantee anything when the contributions necessary to boost the pension are contingent on the Nat TA's ratification? If the TA fails, the money isn't available, HENCE, no pension bump. Simple facts brother, nobody is blowing any smoke(cigar) here.
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    There's plenty of smoke! 804 is Not recommending national? There isn't enough money anyway for an increase! It's less new monies than last contract.
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    Um, wages buddy. Getting 1.00 per hour per year.
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    Where r u getting a dollar an hour? It's 3.90 over 5 yrs.
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    H&W and Pension is $1 an hour or $40 per employee per week each year.
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    So on year 5, your getting 8.90 for the first 40 in total compensation. Not a bad deal.
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    And if you work over 40? does the compensation go up? so if you work 60 will the company pay more? towards your pension? if you only work 40 hours the math works great.

    Let's say I work 3 days at 9.5 and that comes to 28.5 and i'm on the 9.5 list. they last 2 days of the week I drive 12 hours a day, that's comes to 24 hours. so 24 plus 28.5 = 52.5 . Is you ups going to pay more into the pension?
    I don't know a single drive who only works 40 hours. so stink is your math right? or is it slanted? if they put in more then 40$ a week when I work over 40 hours then i'm wrong.
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    and that is the problem not enough people are reading the TA not even the BA they are all being told it's a good contract and to vote yes, but if you really read it you would know it sucks. The only reason the teamsters are pushing it is because UPS bail the pension for the central states out. And we are all gonna get screwed. I am VOTING NO because I read the TA, and if your voting because you were told it was good why vote. You should read the TA now its a little late but you got two days. As someone who has read it and knows it's gonna hurt from part timers all the way to those who have retired I am urging a NO vote
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    Its clueless members like this one that have no idea whats really going on and listen to his buddies and get the wrong info.
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    So both actuary's were lying when they said the fund has enough money???? but you know better LOL
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    It's for the first 40 hours. With our local, we only need 3 punches a week to get the full credit. Most locals are at $17.50 (on average) per hour in H&W and Pension. So you will go $18.50, $19.50, $20.50, $21.50, $22.50 each year of the new contract. This is another reason I voted yes. That is a lot of scratch. People don't see it reflect in their checks so they don't think it exists. That a 28.5% increase. So people that blasted hall for a poor contract in 15-20 years will say,"Ohhhh, I didn't realize he was taking care of my future back then. I love the bump in my pension and my health care has been awesome." There is a ton of misinformation out there. Don't just accept negativity.
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    No they don't pay more into the Pension for O/T hours but that $.70 wage bump turns into $1.05 at O/T rate so yes YOUR compensation goes up. The math is the math. Some pensions credit on an hourly basis others on a weekly contribution basis. ONE punch in our local pays H&W and Pension for the week. As Stink accurately stated the average contribution for bennys is nearing (and will exceed) $20 hr. What most forget is all these increases (wages/bennys) are base increases that are paid again each successive year. That's where the big costs accumulate.
    Reread TA Art 37, your 12 hour days are addressed.