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    Time to go to the media. Help me howard. 7 on your side. Heraldo rivera etc. Post daily news times. Craigslist. You tube
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    if they brought out that inflatable rat every day for a week....damn straight things would change...guys would have theyre jobs back...and all the news crews would be there....thats my 2cents
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    Thats not what Tony D said at the General Membership meeting this past Sunday he said "I just have 1 question why are we using a rat to upset UPS all they will do is go after drivers" WAKE UP TONY THEY HAVE BEEN GOING AFTER DRIVERS FOR 4 YEARS NOW ,,SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE SCARED LITTLE GIRL , LETS GO BACK TO THE DEAL MAKING , YOU WERE GOOD AT THAT. (posted by another person ) BUT YOUR RIGHT PUT THE RAT OUT EVERY DAY ..........
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    What about trying to see if there is work for our laid off brothers and sisters in other bldgs. When there was a layoff before in my bldg and it effected the drivers the stewards in my bldg went around and made sure there were no sen violations and they waere all apart of the process of finding work within our district. But we are talking about air drivers right?? So.... are our air driver brothers and sisters are less important than the drivers?? Thats BS! Call an emergency stewards meeting, get seniority lists, get on the same page get some dam balls do what is necessary to fix this if you can!!!
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    dude every one in 43rd st building is saying that but nobody is doing that! if you only knew how many hours were shaved from my time card and countless holiday pay and OT shaved!! So many excuses the sups would make up!!
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    listen WE ARE PAYING YOU 56.00 dollars a month well i was until i got laid off o wait nevermind i work only saturdays just so you guys can collect your 56 dollar dues but since we PAY YOU 804 WHy dont you grow a pair of balls and represent us STOP SAYING ITS UP TOO US when its not only us but you!!
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    DUDE Im in the SAME BOAT i also work in your building and we only work saturdays and are laid off the whole week and its true they will demote us all to preload o well what can you do just move on dont let UPS hold you back im going to school and im almost done getting my masters so after this prob get something better !!