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  1. UpsguyDGAF

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    If you have an 8 hour request denied, but your told 2 days later are you entitled to grievance pay? It says the company must tell you the next day. Also if its denied because there are to many people off that day, what are your contractual rights?
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    Do you have a contract?? If so, read it.
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    There have been discussions on this before on here and different parts of the country do it different ways. Contractually the company cannot deny you an 8 hr request as long as seniority is applied. If they do, then your are entitled to automatic penalty pay.
  4. outta hours

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    The company has 24 hrs to return the request form, either approved or denied. If it is not returned within that time frame, by default it is approved.
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    Learn something new every day!
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    There is language in the National Master addressing 8 hr requests.
    It is in this language that penalty pay is provided for.
    Where I'm from there is different language in our regional supplement that takes precedence to this national language.
    So upsmike69, with your secret location, nobody here can answer your question with any degree of certainty.
  7. brownmonster

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    We can ask for an 8 hour verbally and it can be denied the same way. We have no penalty pay.
  8. dilligaf

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    We cannot ask for an 8 hr verbally. A written request must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the day of the request. We (our center) can have no more than 1 8 hr request within a loop and no more than 2 8 hr request per day within the center. All 8 hr requests are awarded based on seniority as well as the above criteria. If an 8 hr is approved and not complied with then we have penalty pay. As with many things, contract, the union has thrown us under the BIG BROWN TRUCK when it comes to the penalty pay. The language says that we are supposed to get 2 hrs of penalty pay but the union has agreed that any amount of time over the 8 hrs is part of the penalty. IE (NO! not THAT IE - although it wouldn't surprise me if they were involved in this one way or another): If you work 9 hrs on an 8 hr request then the 1 hr extra that you worked is part of the penalty pay. I say it's BS. We should get the 2 hr penalty pay over and above the hrs worked.
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    Im sorry, Im in Southern Ca. So like outta hours said, Its been 3 days with no response from my on road sup. So by default I get the 8 hour request approved, but when they fail to honor it Ill get penalty pay?
  10. dilligaf

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    You'll have to file on it but yes, you should get the penalty pay.