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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 764Steward, Feb 5, 2011.

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    During this year's (2011) route bidding, UPS designated over 20% of our bid areas as "extended area, no 9.5 protection" without negotiating with the local. I, and the local's president, believe it's in direct response to the number of 9.5 grievances filed by our satellite drivers, of course, the company denies it. Grievances went to Panel, which the company deadlocked. Do any other centers have the same issue, and if so, what are the guidelines in place that make an area "extended"?
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    In many cases it is the additional work added to your route that increases your miles and puts routes in this category. What qualifies as extended area routes anyway? How is it defined? Is it in excess of a certain number of miles driven? The 9 5 committee is a joke. They keep changing the rules and have never defined them well from the start. File your grievances and let your Local take them to the panel.
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    New rules for "Extended Routes":

    Any route that leaves the parking lot can now be classified as "Extended".

    Thank you,
    Your Management Team
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    In my center, ALL satellites are excluded from the 9.5 rule. Which sucks for them because they are dispatched with a 12 hour plan everyday.
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    I double checked the language. No mention of rural routes being excluded. File under article 6. They can "try" all kinds of things. Call them out on it. Or live with it forever.
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    when you leave the building just sing, money, money, money. it won't last long.
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    If you would all act collectively, the 9.5 language won't matter.
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    I will def. look in to that...I have been a sat driver for 4 years...the OT is ridiculous. I have found it strange that I hear nothing about how many hours I get and being the highest paid driver in our center.
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    I have never seen any language that excludes any route or driver from the 9/5 language.
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    We got hit with the "Extended" BS as well. Even though there is no language to support it the union has rolled over on it an just let the company rape us. Should have been a good contract had they decided to defend whats in it.
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    I was thinking that too. Don't let them get away with this "extended rte" BS!
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    Did you not see the link JonFrum posted?
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    Yes I did, it says drivers with extended routes will be covered for relief. Where does it say they cannot be?