9.5 language


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I think UPS (In certain areas anyway) is trying harder than ever not to hire any more people because, in those areas, Amazon is about to deliver more of their own volume. Mine is one of them. Many centers in my district have been told to drastically limit the use of TCDs. Some weeks they aren’t allowed to use them at all.

The Amazon in the next city over from us already delivers most of their own small/medium sized packages in two thirds of our delivery zone. They will cover all of it soon. Think of all the extra people we’ll end up with if UPS hires more people now based on the current demands.

The writing is on the wall.......

G.V. Rush

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@Ruralbrownman I feel your pain. Come Monday I'll file my 3rd 9.5 grieve in as many weeks. My BA has the same attitude as yours. The penalty is not steep enough to dissuade the company from exploiting the language -- but raising the penalty will not be easy, it would likely have to be driven by rank and file members like us fed up with excessive OT.
I just find it odd that paying top rate guys over $110/hr for 9.5 violation is acceptable to them. Wtf?!!