9.5 List and transferring centers?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by superballs63, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. superballs63

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    With the passage of the contract, I (a FT cover driver) will be able to opt in for the 9.5 list :childish::childish:, I am also transferring within my hub from one center to another. My question becomes, am I able to file for this week (since the contract goes into effect Friday) in my original center, and have the 9.5 "protection" follow me to my new delivery center without having to re-file over there?

    Off for a few days, and I think my steward got a new cell #
  2. The way I understand the language for cover drivers is you can only opt in for the route your covering. So let's say your doing route 1a. You go over 9.5 3 days on that route. You can now opt in for route 1a. If you do route 1b the following week, your not covered.

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  3. undies

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    New language allows full time drivers to opt in no matter what route or if you do 5 different routes in a week...you're not full time so I guess that doesn't help eh?
  4. rpoz11

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    Your transfer from one center to another is within the same building?
    And, your transfer is from cover to F/T utility driver?
    Or are you staying as a cover driver?
  5. superballs63

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    Yes, the transfer is within the same building, and I'm FT cover now, and will hold the same position in my new center.

    I Spoke with one of our stewards last evening before leaving and he said the 9.5 "protection" will follow me. So I'm filing for it on Monday and then I'm going to start getting paid :D

    Going out blind in a whole new area is a surefire way to work more than 9.5 hours lol
  6. 32F driver

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    Man, I wish I could change centers. The way it was put to me was, if I change centers, I would lose all of my seniority & start over at day 1. With 14 years under my belt, I can't do that.
  7. Fragile

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    Don't even waste your time.

    Anyone in management with half a brain is going to say you work for me now so let's start all over again and then tell you to just keep refiling or reapplying every week because you are constantly covering a new route.
  8. superballs63

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    That doesn't matter. Under the new contract which went into effect yesterday, allows FT cover drivers with 4+ years of seniority to get on the list and file. It doesn't matter if I run 5 different routes in a week, I'm still covered.
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  9. 1989

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    You change centers in the same building you dovetail in. You change buildings, you go to the bottom for vaca sign ups and layoff. But you keep your pay rate and 5 weeks vaca.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I just don't understand why some areas allow building transfers and others don't. It just seems to make more since to allow it. Many extended centers (such as mine) are well within commuting distance of the hub and I know there are at least a few in my center that would love to move to the hub and I know there are more than a few in that hub that wouldn't hesitate to move out here. I like the idea of "One local, one seniority list."
  11. BCFan

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    Full time cover drivers WILL BE PHASED OUT, cheaper to put in the 4 year wage progression, unable to file 9.5 full time drivers....UPS also has data crunched about possible retirement numbers....consider this, our GREAT new CBA will allow UPS to work the stew outta the new drivers which will probably lead to a more profitable turn over rate to keep the 4 year clock ticking! Hoffa / hall sold us a bum steer!.....BC (not British Colombia )