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    Getting harrazzed for working over. New division manager wants everybody in before 9.5 no matter what with no missed. Problem is my rt is an hr off. Have had lockins, etc....and best is 130 over.but, I am being dispatched with enough work to stay out 10 or better every day.Now being told that a lock in doent mean anything! So they are riding me to get in under bar none. Any suggestions for my case......................
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    No comments but just curious as to why it took you nearly 39 years to make your first post? Shy?

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    Man! Al Gore must have worked fast to invent the internets.
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    Typo >>Join date 2008
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    He's been working too much-no time!!
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    Let's say He, started driving at 21 in 1970. A 60 year old man is not going to move as fast as He once did. You probably have enough seniority to go feeder, problem solved.

    I, can guess you're not the only driver coming in over 9.5. Ask to have a sup run the route and see what those numbers turn out to be. One option available to you, is to go on stress leave. I tell you because, one driver in my center, has been on stress leave for weeks now.

    With my route I, have to work my tail off to get it to pay scratch.

    There are many drivers around this great nation, going through this dilema. Join the club.
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    let me guess brownduck you probably have a 10 hour planed day, your center manager is am i.e. puppet like most of them, and he is afraid of the union. my fellow teamster brother the only advice to you is to work to the best of your ability. buddy welcome to UPS you can no ever please management no matter how hard,smart,safe you work:annoyed:. you get your route done at the quickest,safest speed you can and if you run over use these magical words"i am working to the best of my ability":wink2:
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    Anytime I see a sups name on the report it shows exactly scratch no over no under no matter what the case.
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    Enjoy the 9.5 money, and screw them if they dont have the balls to get your routes true time allowance figured out. There is but one truth, not what UPS wants it to be on a changing, daily basis.
  11. thats because since we don't work at an hourly rate they just put in magic numbers. Either that or they had help. Before I had become a supe, when I was out (I was a preloader) it took 3 supes to do my set of package cars prior to PAS and still at least 3 after (packed on more work since PAS made us load faster...haha yeah right). Trust me they're either putting in the exact number guaranteed hours for the hourly normally doing the job or hours allowed or they got help.
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    I suggest you pin down your center manager(with the steward there) to tell you what you are to do if you can not make it in by 9.5 without missed packages. Take you meal times as lined out in the contract, Call or ODS them everyday around 2pm with how many stops you have left and advise them you can't get finished by 9.5 and ask what to do. MAKE them decide....over 9.5 or missed, it's their call. If they allow you to go over 9.5 file grievances. Also make them decide if they are going to use the "lock in SPORH" or not. Do all this(except for the phone calls) in the presence of a union steward and document ...document ...document.
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    DONT WORRY ABOUT HARRASSMENT THATS ALL IT IS, DO THE BEST YOU CAN IF YOU DONT GET DONE BY 9 5 SO BE IT You come. back in and say i had no missed didnt get hurt,did not wreck the truck .turn in your diad go home and do it the next day. they will get you help or learn this is the time your getting done.say I did the best i could..always take your lunch ill admitt, i break my lunch up to 2 or 3 breaks because its getting super hot. out [ good luck dont take crap there just fomer drivers who couldnt make it and who are gonna get phased out by technology. you will be there longer than them.
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    No, it's just that the supervisor is entering a work code showing that he worked and the operation report system is programed to always "scratch" a management person pulling a route.

    This is not a designed to show a route can be completed in standard time - it's been in place forever. This is to make sure that a management person, pulling a route, couldn't bust it out and have a big under-allowed day, which would impact the center's statistics. In this way, the center's performance is no better, or no worse, for having a management person deliver a route by himself.
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    that sounds too honest...
  16. I understand what you're saying but isn't that in a way, dishonest? What if the management person works 10 hrs?
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    The report may not show it but I will bet you that the drivers know exactly how long he worked and how well/poorly he did.
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    If the management person works 10 hrs, it will show the actual hours worked (10) and it will calculate the planned day as 10 hrs. Once again, it is designed to neither reward or penalize a center's performance results because a management person had to cover a route by himself.
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    Yeah....whatever. It's designed to keep a management person from looking bad.
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    ..or perhaps the driver of the route that is being covered by the sup.