A calm hand at the helm on UPS's busiest day

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    If the United Parcel Service Inc. forecast is correct, Tuesday - that's tomorrow - should be the busiest day of the year for Jill Schubert and the 15,205 UPS employees she supervises from its regional headquarters in South Philadelphia.

    Shipping volume is already up from 2012 and Tuesday is peak day with 29 million packages expected to be delivered globally, up from 27.5 million last year.

    "It's controlled madness or controlled chaos," said Schubert, 51, president of operations. "But the key is that it's controlled."

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  2. jaker

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    Am I missing the point of this thread , because I don't see it or maybe I don't care
  3. cachsux

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    The point is Jill is a heavy drinker.
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    DM "I need you to get your degree"
    Jill "Yes master"
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    Please don't copy and paste entire articles here. That infringes the copyright of the site you copied the article from and could get our site into legal trouble.

    It's usually okay to post a brief summary and a link back to the article unless the site you're copying from says not to do that either.

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    I can only imagine the preloader's thoughts during this photo op ("hurry up, I'm not allowed to have stack outs!")

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    I did my part I did 104 stops. That's a world record.
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  8. Returntosender

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    It's just informative.
  9. Marne Vet

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    If today was our Peak day, like my center manager mentioned this morning, then the rest of Peak will be cake. Since I was able to walk through my 800 with 280 stops, it wasn't a bad day. Center Xmas party on Friday to celebrate an unofficial end to Peak 2013.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    I'd be out two and a half days with that dispatch. At the least.
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    You haven' t improved much over the last 9 years...