A couple additional things I would've liked to see language about in the contract

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    This is a rather long post, so just bear with me.

    The first thing, is that there should be some sort of incentive type system to reward employees (particularly part timers) for good work with the opportunity at more time. This became a rather passionate topic for me in the past year. I work the pre-load shift, and have been waiting earnestly for any opportunity to pick up more time somehow (article 22, driving, saturdays, anything). I inquired to several supervisors and HR personnel about how to do that, and all of it was uneventful and was told I just have to wait until it's my turn at seniority. Which I understand everyone has to wait fairly; but still, shouldn't there be some sort of incentive they can offer out as a reward for people who do good work? Every sup I spoke with had nothing but good things to say about my work ethic, load quality, the job I did as a driver-helper, etc. I even spoke with the center manager about maybe picking up the midnight shift, and working it in addition to the preload. He basically told me he'd recommend me to the midnight shift manager. But, all that ended up happening was that I was told if they gave me that shift, if somebody with higher seniority found out then it would cause problems. They put me on the chsp to pick up a little time at the meetings, and to work with new hires, and have tried to recruit me in to part time supervision on 2 occasions (though that's a dead end) But that's the extent of it. I know it's a slippery slope to talk about working in a system where people can get more time without JUST seniority, and I'm not saying we should all just get a shot at being drivers at only 2 years in, but something like picking up another 3.5 hour shift shouldn't be such an outlandish ordeal. But I've also seen how stingy the company can be over the past couple of years. Which is another issue entirely.

    The other thing, not really a contract issue, but I think UPS should institute is some sort of potential driver training program. Just a class of sorts for people who would like to be drivers someday. Before working for UPS, I had never driven a stick-vehicle. None of my family or friends ever owned one growing up. My dad was going to take me out to rent one to show me, but apparently they're difficult to find as rentals nowadays as he couldn't find one. Anyways, after completing my 2nd year as a driver helper, my driver, knowing that I'd like to drive myself, tried talking to the Sup for saturday airs. He said I'd have to learn stick and so on. ( Saturday airs magically went from "needing people" to "laying off people" in the span of a day, somehow) Luckily, another Sup, heard my plight and was gracious enough to take me out in a package car and just show me the basics. And I take care of moving some of the vehicles in the building around now for pre load. But my point is, why don't they once or twice a year offer a minor, controlled training program to get people acquainted with the package cars (particularly the sticks)? Almost like a "pre-qualification" course or something. The sup who took me out thought it would be good for the younger batch of prospective drivers, but that it's basically a "0% chance of ever happening".

    Sorry for the long drawn out post, but those are things that it would be nice to see the company/union try to implement.
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    "Sorry but this will never happen. Bottom line, you idea will cost money so it will never be spent. Manual trans vehicles are getting rare but they're out there. Find one and make friends to try and get some driving time in but it will be on your time and dime."

    well as i said, i was fortunate that there was a FTS who was generous enough to show me the ropes. And that's probably why he said there's "0% chance" of that ever happening.

    And as far as who does good work, like I said the feedback I got from management, the drivers I load for, the drivers I've worked with, and so on. Again it can get into a slippery slope in some instances, but Surely if enough people of good reputation, say that there is a worker who does good work, than it must have some merit.
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    Slippery? Friend, that's a cliff.

    The best your work ethic can get you hopefully is people, management and hourly, who will be supportive in the course of you doing your job. Other than that it's by seniority.
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    water under the bridge unless the majority vote no and they go back to the table. it's like shutting the barn door after the horses got out.
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    Lol won't find much sympathy around here.

    Seniority is one of the main thing a union is based around. Will never change.

    As for driving a stick there's someone that had one that's close enough to your family to help teach u. Unless your all loners. If your that worried trade your vehicle in for a manual. There's plenty around I promise. I have 2 myself.
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    the issue of stick was resolved thanks to the one fts who took me out, as i said. I just think it would be nice for ups to offer training on it to help prepare anyone who was previously inexperienced with it.

    And incentive clauses aren't necessarily unheard of in union shops. My father works at an oil refinery, which has management and union employees (not sure what union) and he says they've always had performance-based promotion opportunities. (In addition to seniority).

  8. My first job was at a roofing company. The way they tought me to drive a manual was "here are the keys and a map good luck kid"
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    The main problem is that districts have absolutely cracked down on any and all overtime in the hub operations/PT ranks; the 2nd fiscal quarter is always a lean time at UPS because, historically, this is the lowest volume stretch of the year. There isn't any "extra time" to dole out - if you worked the midnight sort, you would be getting OT on preload. The preload is notoriously lean - at most, you can demand your 3.5 hour gurantee (which the union and, by extension, the seniority system, provide) or switch to a higher volume shift.

    Feel free to inbox me if you need a few more specific survival tips as a PT'er.