a few more questions for drivers.

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  1. kingOFchester

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    I know I may have gotten off to a rocky start with some of you, but I have a few questions.

    Saw several reports today at the center. One was about "multiple tracking numbers". Had drivers names on it. My ame was on it with 2. Is this from scanning the smae package twice?

    The other report was about Trace. I think this is when you follow EDD. The other day the added a new developement to my route. It is between 2 developments that I am already doing, but yet it was at the Bottom of EDD on the 8,000 shelf. My trace was 89.4%. Is that good, bad or something I willnot have to worry about later on in my career. I know I am going back to part time, but the more I know now the better it will be when I am brought back,
  2. rod

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    Stop worrying about numbers. Do your job per the methods they teach you. After awhile you will realize that you will always be on someones "list":peaceful:
  3. Forty6and2

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    the answer to the 2nd question is that when you run a route, UPS would like for all their drivers to run at least 75% to 80% "to trace." By running the trace that EDD gives you, UPS thinks that you will run the route faster and more efficiently than if you do it any other way.
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    Yeah I agree with this post. Don't look at those numbers, Do the best you can, Sometimes I only look at the over/under to see how I did but that's it, Nothing more...If you're not doing what they call "superb" they will let you know.........
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    lol...staying off a list at UPS is a full time job - i;ve learned that over the years.
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    I wouldn't worry about the multiple tracking numbers report--I have been on that report well over 200 times and I could care less. Your name will appear on this report if you try to deliver the same package again later in the day. For example, you try in the morning but there is something wrong with the address so you sheet it as such. There is a phone number on the pkg and you call to try to get a more accurate address but you get voice mail. The consignee calls you back with the information and you deliver the pkg. That tracking number will show on the report but, more importantly, the consignee has their pkg.
  7. kingOFchester

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    I have come to the conclusion.......go in, work, do my best, go home and spend time with my loved ones. Thank god for the union.
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    Well said. Maybe there is still hope for you.
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    Lol, very true
  10. stevetheupsguy

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    Hitting the duplicate stop key would stop you from getting on this list. If I'm told to go back and try the stop again, I refrain from hitting duplicate stop. If I go back on my own, so i don't have the send again, I hit duplicate.

    As far as running trace goes, I've run 100% in trace a few times. I only do this when my center manager or On Road gets under my skin. Neither of these 2 things have a real bearing on your driver status, just MGMT wanting the "right" numbers.
  11. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    I did not know that the trucks had phones. p.s. I think it should be "I couldn't care less." :peaceful:
  12. dilligaf

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    I will be on it from Fri. Had a pkg that was addr to an RV park. They had moved out, into their new home. As I had multiple pkgs for the RV park I didn't bother to void the mis-addr one. I wasn't padding my stop count. Sheeted it as nsp and re-delivered it to proper addr with an addr correction. I figured they would get the jist of what I did.
  13. dilligaf

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    Numbers? What stinkin' numbers? I don't need no numbers!:surprised:
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    Thanks again guys,

    I have been trying to figure out what I did to make it on the list. I think what I have been doing is, When I am at a stop, can't find the package, (because the envelope from 1,000 shelf is under the over 70lb box RDL) I sheet it as not found. I then move on to the next stop. Before I leave the area, development, I organize the truck and utilize the new found shelf space and find the not found delv. I sheet it and deliver. This is probably why I am on the list. Not a big deal. :peaceful: