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    1. Saturday Air Supv. tells us to put our time out for 0800 every Saturday. Often times we don't leave until 0830 or later. This past Saturday, The air didn't get in until 0830, by the time everything was unloaded and we were ready to go on the road it was past 0900. His last words to us were "no late air." Kind of hard to do when early air has to be delivered by 0900 and we're leaving the building at 0900. Had 3 early airs, the first one I have to travel 25 miles to. If I put a time out for 0800 and don't deliver the first package (late) until 0930 and I am questioned about it, what would be my response. Your thoughts?

    2. This past Saturday was heavy due to mothers day. Usually do 15 to 20 stops at the most. This past Saturday, went out with 67 stops. At 1500, I sent a message to the center asking for help (there was a 90 minute "relaxed time." Another driver was sent out and took 15 stops from me. I did 52 stops and drove 144 miles and was out 11 hours and 15 minutes, without a lunch break. Returning to the center, the look on the Supervisors face spoke volumes. He only said "we'll talk about this next week. I think my performance was bonafide. What is there to talk about? Going over 9 5?

    3. I am a part timer in the hub and work Saturday Air as well. In the hub, I am paid overtime whenever I work over five hours. However, on Saturdays, I am not. It hasn't bothered me because the time in the past was minimal, usually not more that 1/2 an hour. However, this past Saturday, I was out 11 hours and 15 minutes. 6 hours and 15 minutes at time and a half is a decent bit of change. Can anybody answer this?

    4. Does the 3 1/2 daily guarantee apply to Saturday Air drivers. Several times this year, I have gone out with 6 or 7 packages and been back in 2 hours?

    5. (please keep this 1 quiet) Work the Night Sort in the Hub and drive Saturday Air as well. I dread Fridays and Saturdays. I work in the hub until 0330 or 0400 and have to be back at 0745 on Saturdays. A while ago, I asked the Center Manager if I could take Fridays off, his response was, go F--- yourself, he said it jokingly of course. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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    I hear Fed-Ex is hiring
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    I believe you are supposed to have a certain amount of time layover if you are driving, it's mandaded by DOT regulations. I'm sure someone can answer this. Has been talked about before, but Ive never been in that situation so don't know firsthand.
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    My suggestion is that you tell the Saturday supervisor that you no longer work on Saturdays effective immediately(and don't let him BS you and tell him you can't quit abruptly because you can- your not required to work Saturday air). You work the night hub so that means your getting done at 400am-ish and you are back at work in 3 hours to deal with lame-o Saturday air? Are you kidding me? Take back your weekend and dump Saturday air. You'll be thankful you did. Problem solved.
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    DOT ( Dept of Transportation ) rules demand that you are unable to work Saturdays. There must be a ten hour gap between your jobs.
    Explain this to your sup. That he is guilty of a federal crime if this rule is not followed.
    Either they will drop you from Saturdays, or give you Fridays off. Make it their decision.
    I know well the grief of the lack of rest between jobs, used to work til midnight & have to be back in a few hours to do Saturday work ( before the 10 hr rule began ). I miss many a family function because I was too tired by Saturday evening. This is your life we are trying to explain; not UPS's. A job is one thing, but your free time is more important.
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    If you are entering a false time for leaving the building, you are falsifying records, an offense for which you can be terminated. We've had managers terminated for fooling around with records, electronic and otherwise, not to mention drivers. When you drive out of the building, as you exit the doors, go to key 2, that will bring up your leaving building, and then go to the upper left, and hit time, this will automatically have the diad enter the real time you leave. If there is a problem with this, I recommend you talk to the center manager, or if that is unsuccessful, contact a division manager, asking them if they want you to falsify records to satisfy the saturday sup's operation report. It's a big offense.
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    What a lame arse supervisor you have that would leave you out there for more than 11 hours. He so should have been sending you help before anyone else who got back from delivering, punched out. There is no way you should have been out delivering for 11 hours. The OT that you will be paid will be an immediate red flag to your supervisor's boss and he will have some 'splaining to do. Don't be a victim to this guy any longer.
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    Come on, I don't want to be the first to make a joke of this!

    Are you sure you are not confusing punching in & leaving building times? There are no 9am commits on Saturday in our center, 10am for EAM.

    Sat air - anything over 8 is OT.

    You cannot work the Friday hours & Sat Air by law. But I won't tell anyone.

    EDITED - Dustyroads above hit it on the head. If ever questioned on the times punched in, saying "the Sup made me do it" will land on deaf ears. You cannot get in trouble for putting in the correct, factual times, no matter what the Sup tells you to punch in.
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    Hi Bigmistake, the rule Babagounj refers to can be found in Title 49 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), Part 395:


    Also, besides not having 10 hours off, it would appear, you may also have been in violation by driving over 11 hours. Your management appears to have been conveniently overlooking this. I would highly recommend you talk to a FT driver steward and/or Union Business Agent, ASAP, this needs to get resolved. And yes, you may have to give up Sat. Air driving, if they won't release you from the friday night sort shift.
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    Technically, using the 14hr rule, if you were off duty for ten hours prior to working the night sort. Then you started at say 11pm on the night sort on Friday you could still do Sat airs but you would have to be OFF the road by 2pm Sat. If you started at 11:30 you could drive until 2:30 and so on. If you're normally done by then you could still do Sat air and would have to tell them if you're running late and someone would have to meet you to take the last packages so you could get back to the building.

    None of this applies if you have another job outside of UPS then you would be in violation once you hit that 14th hour
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    when you are doing airs (article 40) the pt OT rules dont apply. overtime is after 8hours.

    why would you drive for 11 hours without a lunch break? check the ops report and i guarantee you this sup pulled that hour anyway = you worked for free 1hour.

    you cant be fired for entering accurate times in the diad; you can be for entering inaccurate times...

    whenever they give you instructions like these that you know are not right (telling you to make the commit on those eams without nearly enough time). just ask if they are SURE. once he realizing you are not going to play games he wont play games.
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    Remember your time that you leave the building, and everything else you do during the day, can be and is verified by your gps system and the other information from your diad. Don't make the big mistake of putting in false information, anywhere, anytime. It's dishonest and you will be caught.
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    All very good information, thank you all. Sleeve, what I was asking with #2 is

    I did 52 stops and drove 144 miles and was out 11 hours and 15 minutes, without a lunch break.

    Thats admirable, or at least aceptable performance, right. What would the Supervisors issue be?
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    That is not admirable, it's foolish and unsafe. Just IMO. You put a lunch in the diad whether you take it or not. You're foolish if you don't take it, and especially so if you don';t put it in. I agree with the above - I'm sure you lost an hour, a sup will put it in and of course falsify records to cover their ***. I strongly suggest looking at the OR for that day and seeing what they did with your hours. You are apparently missing 3:15 min OT, too. This is a great example of UPS using and abusing employees who simply do not know the contract and don't know better overall.

    The supervisors issue is that he/she is a supervisor, nothing more and nothing less.
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    As far as your "left building" time, tell the sup you will put anything in the board that he puts in written instructions for you to enter. Tell him, otherwise you will not falsify your times.
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    Huh. Someone here newer than me.

    An aside - Our center manager / sups will not communicate issues in writing. Any issues. Everything must be face to face or on the phone. Can you say "Leave No Paper Trail"?
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    i think its time to "leave you phone secured in the cargo area" per some idiot handout they tried to get me to sign.
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    Thank You, all. An update: I brought my concerns to the attention of the Saturday Air Supv. about working the night sort on Friday and having to be in for 0800 Saturday morning. His response was to skip work Friday nights. He stated if the Center Manager had a problem, he would get someone to "pull rank" whatever that means.

    I advised the Center Manager of this and notified him I would not be in Friday nights, he was not pleased and told me everybody has a sob story, and if I have every Friday off he has to accomodate everyone who has a conflict in their schedule.

    I did not go to work that following Friday. Monday I was called into the office, given a verbal warning for no call, no show. Tuesday morning, called local Business Agent. Thursday, a meeting was held (without me, go figure), Business Agent asked me if I am available to work twilight sort on Friday evenings, I am.

    Problem solved. I am excused from the night sort on Fridays, and work the twilight sort instead, allowing me to make it in for Saturday Air well rested. And now a member in good standing of the Center Manager's S--- List.

    Thank you all for your input.