A few questions from your CAL Teamsters Brothers!

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    How's it going UPSer's ? First off let me congradulate those who contribute to this forum and those who run/implemented this resource for their fellow coworkers.

    I've been lurking about to see how things could possibly run on our end at a website I helped develop for Continental Airlines MX workers. From what I see you have a pretty mixed amount of opinions here and a fairly decent amount of workers signed up. Those trying to get the ball rolling over at our web forum are just starting to get the ball rolling, getting mechanics to adapt to a new tool such as the Internet has proven somewhat difficult. But there has been decent growth from across our system with some word-of-mouth 'advertising'.

    I would though, like to ask you guys some straight forward questions to see just how effective a resource such as this could be for us. Also, to possibly give those who aren't too keen on contributing to the conversation some incentive to sign up and voice their opinion. I will be linking this post on our website so our CALMX workers can view your responses.

    Here we go:

    1) Have you felt that Teamsters in part or whole, has been reluctant in contributing or replying to issues your members have decided is important to them ?

    2) Since its inception, has this website benefited your work environment ? If so, how.

    3) Have you felt any repercussions from management, Teamsters, or other members from conversations or topics on this website ?

    4) How has moral been ? Has this resource helped to strengthen your union solidarity ?

    5) During voting periods, do you conduct your own online polls and compare to the results given by your Teamsters representatives to make sure everything is on the up-and-up ?

    6) What advice would you give to our members on how to keep this growing, how to share in conversation, or anything else ?

    Thanks for your responses!
    How are things over there at UPS by the way ?

    - Yeah OK ( Webmaster )
    - CAL-AMT.com
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    re: question #6

    If members are respectful and discuss issues without name calling, the results can be informative for all who participate.

    Our moderators keep a close eye on outbreaks........plus, a lot of members are self-policing because they like the atmosphere in this forum.

    We are mostly clvil to each other and that's the key IMO
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    Most rank & filers that post here do so feeling somewhat secure in their anonymity to free them of the fear of repercussions from management.
    I'm not sure the work place conditions will ever change because of what is typed on this or any other discussion board. What the Brown Cafe does the best,IMO, is allow the users to vent, ask questions, and in turn helps others as well. I sometimes go away from here with a new perspective on a given situation.
    To keep it growing, your members just have to make sure they talk the site up to co-workers, be active in discussions and most of all (as already mentioned) be civil to the others even if they think them to be morons.

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    Thanks for the responses. We do have a pretty good moderation system set in place. Multiple people keeping an eye out for any unwanted bashing or just random garbage posts.

    We are hoping though to make a difference, atleast in how information is passed along. Proof over rumors you know ? Although some choose to supply their personal information, not all do, which keeps their identity safe. So we definitely took that into consideration.

    I'll keep checking back for more info! Thanks
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