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    I called my center today they did not need me. I'm writing this because people don't take for granted the amount of time that goes into what you do everyday.All the different routes I was assigned and the people and places I saw. The nice truck's, the truck's that were crap. turning in my uniform was bittersweet Its hard to let go of something you like to do that you could see yourself possibly doing. Please Don't you guys ever forgot that you make a difference. Thank you
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    UPSers can't accept they make a difference though because if you do you'll just end up disillusioned when you get :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:canned for something really stupid (numbers), or some customer cusses you out because her son didn't get his iPhone on time..
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    I understand your feelings as I went through along with alot of others the same stuff during Peaks past, however it would be nice if Mangement thought we made a difference because after over 25 yrs in the trenches, when I retired and left quietly without much fanfare ( almost like the feeling you had turning in your browns) I had a sour taste in my mouth leaving my career behind feeling as though I did not make a difference being known as just a # as I left...You would like to think you made a difference but management takes the wind out of your sails so often that you start taking on water and start to sink, thinking that maybe it would of been nice to make a difference but management:dissapointed: actions make you think otherwise
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