A message to Black Christians:

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  2. So the conclusion at 2:38 to 3:13 if a church that recommend any party/candidate to vote for might go empty?! Personally I don't see how the Republican party is pro-god or pro-jesus party.
    Wkmac has posted a republican (negative) news on religion (again), we can find handfuls of news from the purple (both) party.
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    I know a woman that will light a candle for this man.
    She voted for BO but not again.
    She has been distressed about a trend she noticed with her children and their peers.

    She took her kid for birth control and her kid was too lazy (her words) to use it.
    She is distressed at the trend of elimination / termination as the prefered BC choice.
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    What's this guy running for?
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    What makes you think he's running for something?
    Maybe he's just trying to keep our country from going right down the drain.
    The Bible clearly states that we shouldn't turn our backs on Isreal. obama doesn't give a flip about Isreal.
    Maybe blacks should listen to him...........