A Modest Proposal

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by vantexan, Apr 11, 2011.

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    We hear now and then that the company is looking at raising pay for mid-range employees. I've heard this for so long I no longer believe it. If they were sincere about better pay we'd have done better than up to 4.5% on this latest plan.

    So here's my proposal. And I know this won't sit well with those who want much more. But the company holds all the cards. My proposal is double the percentages on the cash balance plan. Instead of 3%, 5%, 7%, 9% make it 6%, 10%, 14%, 18%. Keep the interest at 1% per quarter. Keep the 401K match. Keep the 4.5% and 3% raise maximums. And stick with them through good times and bad.

    No, you don't have to do anything. But in the long run couriers are going to stick around if they've got something to work for. And as is there's little incentive to stick around fir today's newhires. You'll still pay considerably less than under the traditional pension. And this plan still doesn't pay that much until the courier puts in considerable time. And the money you'll save on turnover will pay for much of it.

    Considering today's climate this will make FedEx much more competitive in attracting qualified employees. You will be running out soon of experienced employees that stuck with it for the pension and their higher top-out pay. As more and more are mid-range employees without the incentives the older couriers received you will have to come up with something. How do you explain to customers the endless stream of new faces? A reason to retire here means continuity for customers.

    For those that think there's an even better way let's hear it. But be realistic. Anger won't get us anywhere. They hold all the cards, and they know it. But they have to know that as things stand they are going to lose too many people they spent alot of money hiring and training. Things aren't good enough as is, they can be better.
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    If the IBT were to awaken from it's slumber, there might be an alternative. One has to wonder if some of Smith's money has found it's way to the right people at the Teamsters. Things could be a lot better, as you pointed-out. Most of the employees I work with are looking for any way out, and some have found better jobs. Others have settled for less just to get away from the constant BS. I also predict a huge exodus of couriers in the near future.
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    As soon as I get a few bills paid in about 2 years I'll look at my options. I know of a job where I can sit at my camper all day checking trucks in and out of oilrig site. Pays ok but virtually no stress. If I'm just working to exist I can do that for alot less hassle elsewhere.
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    Easy to say when you're not the one having ti shell out the money.
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    Not a bad idea Van. I like it but, upper management won't like it beacuse 1. They didn't think of it and 2. They really don't care about customer satisfaction. They only want numbers and productivity and they lie to customers about service failures.

    They couldn't care less about our ideas.

    When was the last time Fred had any contact with couriers?

    And for Mr. FedEx I agree, I wouldn't be surprised if Smith has paid off one of the right people(s) at IBT.
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    FedEx burns people out, and then tosses them in the trash. I'm currently injured, but have not reported it because I will get dinged for it. It's a repetitive-stress deal, and completely due to the job. So, I'll work hurt and hope it gets better, just like lots of others out there, which is the plan. Most people finally figure it out when they get hurt, disciplined for something beyond their control, or have a serious illness. At that point, they truly realize how much FedEx "Cares", and that amount would be not one effing bit, because you have just gone from "asset" to "liability".

    This years SFA should be interesting, and will probably reflect the trend towards leaving the company. We'll never know, because (as always) SFA scores will mysteriously rise and say how much we love Fred and his delivery business and would never dream of leaving this S-Hole.
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    Sad but true. At one station I was at all the team leaders had to sit with mgrs every morning to hear previous day's numbers. Absolutely did nothing but put us through the motions of "being part of the process.". Which they seem to think that satisfies some requirement while never actually asking us what we think.
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    Speaking of surveys, who are the people who take the survey determining the most admired companies? Corporate officers of other companies? I'm betting that's who they are and they admire what lengths FedEx goes to to pump up profit. I'm not thrilled with the Democrats for a number of reasons, but the Republicans are really scary if given free rein. Social Security? Poof! Retirement and medical? Poof! Paid vacations? Poof! World's biggest magic act, everything disappears.


    Funny you should mention this... I ran into a former co-worker on Friday while helping another route. He snuck in behind us in the parking lot..lol He looks so much healthier and happier now that he doesn't have to deal with all the stress. He was one of those that got hurt and became a liability so they finally messed with his numbers enough that his SPH goals were nearly impossible to meet. He also had almost 18 years in, so he must have been past his shelf life as far as they were concerned.

    He really misses ol' uncle Freddy.
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    Sometimes, you have to be released from the zoo in order to understand your status as a "prisoner". Once removed from the craziness, you suddenly realize how stupid and pointless FedEx policies are. Another Spockism here, but I think it applies. "In an insane world, a sane man must surely be viewed as insane".