a no rehire status?

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    Hey guys I'm just upset because I don't know how I got a no rehire status, I use work for UPS back in 2013, I left in 2014 of August because I had a family death R.I.P jt, I let them know my situation before I left that I would be gone for about a year then comback once everything was ok with my family, i also had put in a 1 months notice before i left, they live in Shreveport Louisiana, so now I'm back and I go to the UPS in Dallas TX location and tell them I'm I ok to comback they say I have a no rehire status and it can't be changed, that's kinda wrong for them to do that, I only left because I had to help my family for a while, extremely likely for me to have to ever leave again because my family lives here in Dallas with me now, but still its just wrong, anyone know if this can be fixed? If not oh well, I tried
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    My local HR reps would tell you they've got too many people eager for work to make individual exceptions if you didn't put in a full year before you left.
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    Call them (404) 828-6000 and ask if there's anything that could be done.
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    Call Al Sharpton?
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    You're just assuming you're on "do not rehire" status because somebody was upset you left to care for family for a year. Did your situation cause you to be late and/or call in quite often? Did you have performance issues -- e.g. slow, misloads, etc.?
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    I'm sorry about your loss and the situation that it put you in. However in the end you don't have a right to work for UPS again even if you left on good terms. Try to apply online if you can't your sol. If you can't you either :censored2: someone off or you weren't a model employee.
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    R.I.P JT.
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    dont assume ur blacklisted. my brother stopped working for ups when he was 20 due to us moving after 2 years of working
    but he had found another job and never went back. a few years ago he asked his friend a pt sup if he is blacklisted and the friend
    said no but he does need a managers signature to hire him.
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    This is what UPS does. Search the internet, talk to ex employees. I have and from multiple states. I am in the same boat. I was praised the whole time working there, trained to do multiple jobs/fill in, even asked to go into management. Spent over 5 years with them and never even missed a day. To this day I am ineligible for rehire with NO explanation. No notes in the system or reason why. I even have a letter from the CEO thanking me for being so wonderful. It is just fake corporate praise and has helped feed my cynicism over the years. When asked they say talk to your ex supervisor. HE'S DEAD. This really doesn't matter to me except it has been 20 years. When you call them to this day they will say ineligible and give no reason. Who knows how this might have impacted hiring over the years. I find it amazing a bankruptcy comes off after 7, but UPS hold onto info - my social security number and personal info, for 20 years. Says a lot about the company and why I prefer FedEx and every chance I get recommend FedEX. Don't bother calling the union either, they could care. All they want are your dues.

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    Ok Donald...give it a rest. You left 20 years ago. Time to move on. And quit bringing back old posts.
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    Roast Beef
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    Is it time to unleash the "Fluffer Troll Brigade"?
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    On it
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    Don't feel bad .
    Last week a woman from HR called me , first to say that I was scheduled to return to work in 2 days , and on later calls let it slip that I had been terminated .
    I retired six months ago , after 39 yrs .
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    Hi Mr Duck
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