A Pension Overhaul Gives, and Later Takes Away


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A Pension Overhaul Gives, and Later Takes Away - The Ledger

Earlier this year, as Congress inched toward a broad overhaul of the nations troubled corporate pension system, experts said the bill was so fraught with escape clauses that it could become easier for companies to shortchange their pension funds than under the current, flawed law.


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I heard that the Teamsters backed the pension overhaul by lobbying for it, yet opposed it on camera and to the Teamster members! :confused:1 I must admit, when I heard it passed, my first thought was that the only way it could have was due to backing from Teamster leadership! :mad:

Think about it! Who stands to gain the most from this overhaul with all it's loopholes? Certainly not Teamster members! :crying: With the recent pension changes, WITHOUT A MEMBER VOTE I MIGHT ADD, it causes me to be suspicious of those that proport to represent me! :sneaky2:


I Think You All Need To Look At The Apwa. Check Out The Pension There . We At Ups Freight Are Looking At The Apwa Over The Teamsters For The Way They Acted In The Pastand The Condition The Central States Pension Fund Is In! Just Because 125 People In The Arm Pit Of Central Indiana Fell For The Lies Does Not Mean The Rest Of Us Will.