A place that has a booming economy........

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Baba gounj, Nov 19, 2008.

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    A place that has a booming economy........
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    Let's impeach Obama and get Capt' Jack to run America! The sight alone of the Black Pearl would scare the :censored2: out of any terrorist group.

    Since you brought up the economy, I wanted to relay something I saw myself recently that left me in a bit of a "WOW" moment. My kids are musicians and we're a bit plugged into the local music scene. 2 of my daughters are in a youth jazz ensemble and their director is a rather well know sax player and professsor of jazz studies. A couple of weeks ago he got an emergency phone call that the Atlanta performance of the play, High School Musical at the Fox Theater needed a sax player in a bad way so he filled the bill. What took us back was this is a major theaterical performance in Atlanta and there were shows in a 4k seat venue where they might have had 50 people there. Normally this same show brings in huge throngs of people but not this year.

    Another sign of the times is a local major Country Club (read lots of moollah here) has an annual New Year's Eve bash that is one of the top draws of the rich and famous. Another musician friend and his band had the gig but he was just notified the event was cancelled because of lack of ticket sells. Normally this events is like getting tickets to the Master's or the night race at Bristol. In other words, you gotta kill to get them.

    My point is, even the so-called rich (except the Big 3 CEO's) are cutting back or so it might seem. Also yesterday I went to both a local Home Depot and Lowe's and normally even middle of the week at mid to late afternoon, these places are doing pretty well. But yesterday however, both places were dead and I mean dead, dead. My wife and I almost literally had the store to ourselves. We had moments where we felt like we were in the movie "I Am Legend" :happy-very:. They had one customer checkout open and in one store the cashier was just sitting there doing nothing until we walked up. I asked her how long was it since her last customer and she told me other than a couple of returns, I was her first checkout in well over an hour. Now maybe it was one of those perfect timing scenarios but maybe not.

    A week from tomorrow is the Friday after T-giving sales and it will be interesting to see what the traffic is like that day. If it's good, then people may mentally feel better and venture out and buy a bit. If not, it could have a cascade effect the other way. Before I left for vacation, the volume to me just didn't seem anything like it was going into peak season. I know a couple of FedEx drivers and an Averitt Express driver and they all tell me they are seeing the same thing.

    Gonna be interesting going forward over the next several months to see what happens in Washington DC as the transition of power takes place and then what they do in the way of policy to fix it. 9/11 changed America and I'm coming to believe this gov't created economic crisis (result of bad policy and intervention over time) will change us in an even bigger way and not a good one either.