A Poem for UPS Girls

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  1. Poem for UPS Girls
    Last night as I lay sleeping
    I died or so it seemed,
    Then I went to heaven
    But only in my dream
    Up there St Peter met me
    Standing at the pearly gates,
    He said "I must check your record
    Please stand here and wait."
    He turned and said "Your record
    Is covered with terrible flaws,
    On earth I see you rallied
    For every losing cause."
    I see that you drank alcohol
    And smoked and partied too,
    Fact is, you've done everything
    A good person should never do.
    We can't have people like you up here
    Your life was full of sin,
    Then he read the last of my record
    Took my hand and said "Come in."
    He led me up to the big boss and said
    "Take her in and treat her well,
    She used to work at UPS
    She's done her time in hell."
  2. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I love it. There may be a place in heaven for me afterall. Thank you.
  3. pickup

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    Bravo! Bravo!
  4. DS

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    BRAVOI wish I'd written it
  5. bbsam

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    Then from Hell proper rose Satan
    To the gates from which he'd been thrown
    and three times did he knock when Peter with angst did open.
    "Light bearer, what business have you here?"
    "Mortal soul, wouldst thou question me?
    And if my answer were that the Master of Denial three times over
    had his place in Hell with the Betrayer, would you descend with me?"
    At the Saint's discomfort the Accuser chuckled, "No, fool 'tis not you.
    But one of mine you have. In the brown of sewer she's clothed and her
    record is well known."
    And Peter, all denial gone looked sheepishly Hellward.
    Silently strode forth the UPS girl to Satan's waiting embrace.
    No fear in her eyes and a smile on her lips as she leaned forward and
    whispered, "The party didn't start without me, did it?"
  6. toonertoo

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    OMG thats me, LOL
  7. bbsam

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    "Rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints?"
  8. toonertoo

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    The sinners have much more fun,
    Only the good die young, Billy Joel.
  9. bbsam

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    uh-oh, someone's dating themselves. Oh, I guess I am, aren't I?:happy-very:
  10. Wow that was a good ending LOL
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    Immediate Archive
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    Possibly the greatest poem of the 21'st century! An American CLASSIC!!!!!!:happy-very: