A Purple Promise Christmas Story

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    A couple years ago, we had a very hard winter right around peak. There were many undelivered packages sitting at the station with absolutely no chance of them getting delivered. CSA's were calling customers to inform them that if they wanted their package, it was available for pickup, but that it wasn't going to get delivered any time soon.

    We had lots of really desperate people calling-in who were housebound, or too ill to come in and get their meds, many of which were perishable. Some of these folks were pretty sick, as in heavy-duty cancer meds. FedEx said "too bad".

    Anyway, right in the middle of all this, we get a call from the Executive Desk in Memphis. It seems that a couple of the honchos in MEM had Christmas presents that had to get delivered...or else. So, all of these truly needy people get put off so 3 couriers can go out with one package each to deliver to some wealthy friends of FedEx executives. Probably some expensive wine or something else a lot more important than getting real customers their vital stuff.

    That's living the Purple Promise.


    Well, we are all about service these days. And people, FedEx loves people, especially when they are forcing them out at Christmas.
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    Those hanchos in Memphis should have known just how backed up the system was. Their comepletely clueless mentality comes as no big surprise.
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    All they have to do is threaten the senior about this "special" package and they will send it out with the next brand new and washed Mercedes-Benz sprinter doing "FO's".
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    Which is basically what happened, except for the FO part.