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    So there has been a huge surge of new feeder drivers. And basically we were all paid differently. Most of us way to high. We were told we would be making x amount going into it. And we were making x amount. Then pay roll says we are making to much, and our top union guy tells us no, we are suppose to be making x amount. Honestly it's a cluster :censored2:. You ask one manager if your pay is right, then another one would say no it's wrong. While the Union is saying it's right. Now all of a sudden they cut all our pay and tell us we are going to pay it back. I've been through this before, where I was getting paid to much and I had to pay back, which was fine I understand I had to at that point. However this has affected a lot more and I don't think this is right. If I showed you my paycheck right now you wouldn't have a clue what is going on. I mean they have screwed up a lot of things hiring all these new drivers. Seniority dates, they made it to were some guys HAD to get paid out for their vacations while some of us didn't. They are saying our vacations are being upheld now they are telling some of us we can't take them on certain weeks because to many will be off etc. Can we file paper on the pay? They came to us and said they are going to send us paper work on how much we want to pay back per week. Is there a limit on how much you pay? I honestly want to go in today and punch every manager in the face. The part that pisses me off the most is nobody knows sh it. We don't have a Union rep because he was fired, so basically his spot is vacant, and we all know managers only care about themselves. What would you do in this situation? Should we cut our losses.
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    Cant advise you till we know the specifics. When did you start? When did you reach seniority? How much are you being paid?
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    My battery died, reading that post.

    Not really, I skipped most of that run on sentence!