A recap of my first day with UPS!

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    Well as some of you know today was my first day with UPS in Richmond, California. I started my day by arriving at the employee parking lot at 10:25 and walking 8 minutes to the security gate where I was to wait untill 11:00 to be taken in.

    At 11:05 the HR guy came out and asked me where everyone else was? I smiled and said, Im the only one I've seen. Just as we were speaking another person rounded the bend and came into sight and we waited for her, she took her time.

    At 11:20 we reached the training room where we were told to wait while the HR guy went and called/looked for everyone else. In the meantime we met our training supervisor. We were talking with him till about 11:30 when 6 other people showed up with the HR guy. They were all LATE! As we were all told to be there at 11.

    So after introduction, people begin asking questions, and I kid you not, these questions were asked;

    - How long will we be here today for? Followed by: I have to leave at 2!
    - Why on Sunday might we have to work more? Followed by: Complaining.
    - Will we have a lunch/break today?

    1 guy went to the bathroom 5 times in an hour.

    I was like literally laughing at these people. I almost felt disrespected because 3 or 4 of the 8, didn't seem like they wanted to be there at all.

    Our FT sup trainer left the room for about an hour to handle some interviews (Went into the adjacent room) while we watched an hour long video, to which 2 girls fell asleep halfway thru.

    I was amazed at some of the things I saw, and had I not known how things are I might have felt disrespected, but I know that these people won't last.

    I worked hard to get my job, and the first day was AWESOME! I can already tell that I like the atmosphere there.

    Just wanted to share my positive experience and first day! Whooo hoooo!
  2. MonavieLeaker

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    First week is easy ( just training and videos)....But good luck hope it works out
  3. cachsux

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    They`re so cute when they`re new. Kind of like puppys.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yeah, it takes a while to weed out the runts but the rest of the litter usually works out well.
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    LOL that is funny, I enjoy watching the new employees unload a trailer by themselves for the first time. Anyway I am glad you had a good first day and hope it continues to be good for you.
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    Good deal man. Glad to hear that you were finally able to get started. I'm in a similar situation that you used to be in; trying to get ahold of the right people to actually get hired!
  7. rod

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    Sounds like you have your act together and should do great.
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    Good luck
  9. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Too freakin funny, escpecially since I feel I just grew past that stage. Embarassing actually.
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    The people you interviewed with are the reason the unemployment rate will never fall below 4 percent.
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    SFBay, good work man! Hearing about the people complaining and falling asleep kind of bums a person out who's trying so hard just to get in but on the other hand I think that if that happens here it will lead to more openings for me to maybe get my foot in the door. Keep this thread going as it's interesting, for someone like me, to hear how your first days are going.
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    Don't get me wrong, the management was very clear about what they expect.

    The gentleman who asked to leave at 2 was responded to by the full time sup like this; "Thats no problem, But I won't have a job for you when you come back"

    So the negativity was negated by how excited I was. We watched a few video's, made some name tags, got our workbooks all today.

    Tomorrow they said we get to hit the floor for a bit in between training.

    I'll keep updating. :happy-very:
  13. LiL"Comet"

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    Great attitude you have going in keep it up, it will help you tremendously as for the intellectual questions from the "real go getter's" that's not surprising I'm never surprised anymore about things that are asked.

    As for the girls that fell asleep it would have been funny to slam a book or something down on the table..:eek:
  14. well lets hope you can keep your job after jan my hub has been saying in jan any one with less then one year will be let go well thats in so cal well good luck we need hard working people :happy2:
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    my first day (last week) was a joke. less than an hour of training and they released me on trucks... Had no idea what i was doing. Still learning stuff everyday. I still cant figure out what to do when i have 15 huge boxes with assorted numbers and no room to put them.
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    Wow sorry to hear your training didn't go well. And Lay Offs are something I don't even want to think about right now.

    Today was my second day, half of the class was between 10 and 50 minutes late. All were allowed to stay in class, and had different excuses.

    Pretty interesting.

    Couple hours of video's followed by some hands on instruction was on today's agenda, and then we got to work the trucks for about an hour before the day was over.

    It showed very plainly some of these people are not cut out for this job as the same complainers were doing what they do best.

    We MUST be hurting for people to let these people stay around.

    All in all, great day. Glad I got to do some real work.
  17. sl123

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    lol we learned about the powerzone, then watched a video on stretching, that was it. 2nd day i was loading 3 trucks plus a larger truck at the end of the belt. Today i got 3 lighter trucks and a senior loader was complaining with the supervisors about how he got stuck with the heavy ones when hes been there 2 years and im a "creampuff".
  18. rod

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    just get them in the blankety blank truck----I don't want to hear any excuses---JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN---(sound familar?)
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    lol @ the 2 year guy.