A Ride With UPS Provides Window on Economy

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    A Ride With UPS Provides Window on Economy - The Street

    Of course the economy has slowed to a crawl. Just don't tell UPS driver Emory Spears, who still delivers 300 to 400 packages each day.

    "Every morning, when you put on that brown uniform, you're like a football player or a basketball player: It's time to go into battle," says Spears, 53. He has been a UPS driver for 31 years, the last 28 on the same route in Charlotte's upscale Dilworth neighborhood, full of small businesses, medical officers and small, neat single-family residences.
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    Haha nice. That sounds like a pretty awesome route to me.

    I feel like I can SEE the economy being down when I look in my board some days. Just the sheer number of addresses that aren't there anymore (gone out of business) and the large gaps between addresses where businesses are no longer receiving much if anything.
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