A series of (unfortunate?) events.

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    Bit of a long post, my apologies. Any info, general or specific, would be greatly appreciated. You guys are awesome.

    My wife and I have just come across an interesting situation, and I thought that the strong community here might be able to offer some insight into what is going on.

    We are expecting our first child soon and ordered one of those carseat stroller combo kits about a month ago. Seller had it shipped out, tracking #IZ0Y53E80390945713, and everything went as smooth as usual with UPS. That is, right up until it was marked as leaving the local hub and 'out for delivery', the next status update was 'UPS has initiated a Delivery Intercept for this package' and it was re-routed to the nearest city (SLC).

    OK, no stress. No clue what exactly that means, but I presume it was for a reason, and I'm not too worried about it. Next day it was in Colorado, the following day it was in Salina, KS, then marked as 'out for delivery' again in Kansas City.

    Contacted Costumer Support, and was given a very generic response about how now that it is marked as 'out for delivery' nothing can be done about it, I'm sorry' (which I found vaguely amusing, as it was re-routed at that step when it was hours away from delivery the first time). I can see that it is a tough position to be in, and especially when dealing with irate people who want the world to revolve around them PDQ, it was a solid CoA response. As I was on a time crunch, I requested to speak to a supervisor and was called 45 minutes later and told that the package was rerouted to a holding facility, and that as the recipient there wasn't anything I could do but get the sender involved.

    Again, this made sense, they don't know me from Adam, and it is the sender they entered into business with. I'm alright with that.

    Contacted the sender, they said they'd look into it. Next message I got from them was stating that "UPS was conducting a tracer and had no more information at this time".

    The tracer seems to be originated here in UT, not in KS, which startled me somewhat. That was a week ago, and as our due date is looming nearer (and they don't let you take the baby home if you don't have a carseat) we are getting a little more anxious as to what might be going on.

    Whew, wall 'o text. Here's what I'm wondering: what (in general) is involved with a UPS initiated intercept? (Maybe a legal CoA action to assure that any damaged goods were damaged when shipped and not in route? Suspicious package? Drugs? Terrorism threats? Smuggled Tibetan puppies? Smuggled terrorist puppies hopped up on drugs?)

    Also; is there anything significant about the KS destination? I noticed while reading these forums that UPS isn't exactly overladen with warehouses, and any sort of package under inquiry would likely gum up the works if it were to stay in the system. So I can see that it had to go somewhere, and Kansas is about as central a somewhere as you can get. (Though I've met people who would question if Kansas really qualifies as a 'somewhere' when most of the state seems to be 'middle-of-nowhere'.)

    Finally; with the tracer request, what would be reasons for starting the trace here in UT, when the last scanned location was a thousand miles away? This one, I come up dry on guesses. If there wasn't a tracking system, or if it got pulled out of said system, I could see needing to go to last known location and working from there. But as it is-- Yup, got nothing on that one.

    Once again, thanks for wading through my ramblings, and keep up the good work being amazing.
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    Hello, I'd be glad to help you resolve this issue. Your tracking number provided(IZ0Y53E80390945713) doesn't show up in my system, please double check its correct.

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    Och, I'd wondered if I would botch that. Starts with a 1 and not an I. Copy and paste is more reliable; 1Z0Y53E80390945713 Thank you once again.
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    Deer in the headlights response from management, package route doesn't make sense, sounds about right
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    Delivery intercept is generated by the shipper to stop a package in transit from being delivered. There could be many reasons why but you need to contact the shipper and ask them what is going on. UPS was just following the shipper's instructions. Possibly they shipped wrong item to wrong address and discovered it before delivery was made and had the package delivered to where it should have originally been shipped. If that is what happened the shipper should then ship the correct package to your address and it looks like they didn't.
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    Dear Customer,
    It seems your package was sent to the wrong address, once your package was at our sorting facility in UT, we rerouted the package back to you. We shipped your package via UPS ground and you should receive it between 7-12 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Best wishes for you and your family.

    ​Loyal Teamster
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    The lost or damage claim will be taken up with the shipper. Have the shipper send you another one and I'm not sure what the intercept is all about.

    ​Good luck!
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    Aye, while that is usually the case, in this instance it is a UPS initiated intercept. The shipper had no awareness of what was happening until I got in contact with them.
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    Mmmm, while I sure hope that this is the case, it doesn't fully mesh with the re-routing to a Kansas holding facility. According to the Sup on the phone it was being held by UPS, and the KS destination is UPS owned, not a random residential. Which I presume is why it has sat there as 'out for delivery' there for a week and a half. Its destination isn't out of the system, so it is left pending.

    Sure would be nice if it was on its way now, we're probably within 7-12 days of delivery ourselves!
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    Looks like he forgot which screen name he was posting under....
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    I would tell the shipper to send out another carseat. There might have been 2 shipping labels on this package? Its UPSs problem at this point. Is this package from Amazon?

    I would cancel this lost order and just do a complete new order.

    Sorry for your troubles. I have a feeling more than one shipping label ended up on this package.
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    While I cannot say with 100% certainty, my guess is the package was found to be possibly damaged by the delivery driver in your area. We are not allowed to deliver any package that we suspect is damaged but are also not allowed to show them as damaged in our system until someone much smarter than a driver inspects the package. I would say someone in that hub decided to try to pass the damage off on someone else, since anything that is actually found damaged goes against the hub that it was found in and instead of actually recording it properly put it in the system as an intercept and sent it to our Lenexa KS facility to be processed there. When it arrived there it didnt have proper documentation as to why it was sent there so no one knows what to do with it. Probably sitting in a room somewhere for a few days until the computer system says its been there long enough and they return it to the shipper. As to the tracer, UPS always sends it to the delivery location to make sure it wasnt actually delivered there without being scanned. You will just need to sign off the form that you never received it and it will move on to the next party! I would ask the driver that comes with the tracer form if he remembers your package and if he recalls the situation as to why it wasn't delivered. Was it damaged or did he recieve some sort of DIAD instructions to return it to the center?

    I would be contacting the shipper and requesting a replacement be sent ASAP and let them deal with recouping the loss from UPS!

    Good luck, hope it works out for you!!
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    I would call your bank and stop payment on the car seat and go to a store and buy one. Better safe than sorry and waiting seems like a pain in the ass. Go for the sure thing.
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    Stay at home and have your UPS guy deliver the baby, then the pressure of getting the car seat is off your shoulders.. He will deliver and scan the baby, cutting the chord is optional and comes with an additional fee !! good luck
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    Probably his anyway!!
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    By his system he means the public ups.com tracking page.