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  1. As opposed to my own typically tongue in cheek posting history against beard ban and package car management bashing:

    Has anyone ever gone all the way to the extent of utilizing a labor lawyer due to mishandling of disability/leave/switching job classification type issues. I realize this job is a walk in the park for some, with others like myself who have major depresson/anxiety issues it is a teeth grinding blood pressure raising nightmare. Please respect all are wired differently. I'd be happy just to go back part time in the hub. Im not out for money or to sit home collecting SSI. I just simply cannot be a PC driver. This has been supported by my psychiatric and general doctors in documentation that sits in management's hands as we speak.

    I'm ready to go back to work. But my BA is not returning calls. My center manager dragged his heels on signing off my ST disability form to get to TeamCare for so long I still have no check and my car was now repossessed as of this morning. I do still have my benefits. But no help or answers from union or company side about simply getting back to an inside hub position. Friends and family are outraged on my behalf, as am I, and advising me to "lawyer up". I'm beginning to see this as best recourse of action.

    I'm teamsters local 688, proud and unafraid to admit because I no longer give an eff, companies done enough. I thank and look forward to any constructive and helpful responses from my Brothers/Sisters out there. Thank you.
  2. hellfire

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    Call a lawyer, you are protected under the ada ,your ba is worried that his slob slate is going to lose the election, even without that they would be no help
  3. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    Also, no need to tell your management of your intent, lawyer up!
  4. Hellfire thanks so much. I didn't want to ever get to this point but the job insofar as FT package made me suicidally anxious and depressed. People can laugh and call me entitled or a wimp. Fine. I did 13 years happily doing various positions in the hub, working physically hard and in hot as heck trucks without a single complaint. Just can't handle "service provider" anymore. (In quotes cause it's a laugh how the service part has become due to Orion, over dispatching, etc). Thanks again.
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    We had a guy in our building who was able to go to an inside hub job for the same reasons you have stated. It was several years ago and I believe he did get a lawyer
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  6. Thanks again. All I'm wanting to do.
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    We had a driver go back to pre load. . He said he would rather quit if need be. Ups was :censored2: at him. But. With the Ba. And a couple meetings. They allowed him to go back. He is the best loader for 3 yrs now. With no misloads either. His stress is gone
  8. I believe it
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    I thought the rule was once you go FT, you can't go back to part time? What a few drivers in my building did was either go to feeders or bid a FT 22.3 job and go back inside the hub.
  10. I appreciate the input. In my case I probably do not have the ft seniority (3 years ft, 15 total) to go 22.3, or feeders. In any case one of my symptoms is I recently developed a debilitating anxiety/panic disorder that has made me hesitant to even drive my own car, let alone a package car or even larger rig. The irony is the one med I've found to treat this gives me severe random vertigo/dizzy spells which still negates being a safe vehicle operator. It sucks to put it plainly lol, a definitely thorny issue. I'm going to consult labor attorneys for now. I appreciate the replies guys.
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    While it may not be a rule it is most certainly the norm.
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    Our building had a driver become a shifter.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our building has several shifty drivers.
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    How long have you been driving? Once you get your own route it gets so much easier. Feeders is another option, as is clerk-portering. Put your name on the transfer list and hang in there.
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    Get progressively worse at performance until they want to move you back into the center.

    Also lawyer up because you on your own is like UPS shooting fish in a barrel.
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    I've heard this strain will help with anxiety. No personal experience just what I've heard
  17. About 3 years. Not enough to get any route I'd want to go anywhere near Im familiar with almost a dozen and half are not good areas or very difficult bulk wise. Which is fine. A routine route would become too monotonous for me on the other hand. Honestly do realize I can blame myself a bit... I had seasonally driven and knew what I was getting into and that it wasn't my thing. I'm a hands on, work in one place around other people kind of guy. But damn if management didn't pretend to act like I was the great white hope lol, and I sure did want that FT seniority after 13 years PT. Ah well live and learn.
  18. Lol no personal experience here either... I've "heard" it can leave oneself a bit foggy if used during the week however. Don't want to be a liability to myself or coworkers, whatever position I'm employed in.
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    Good answer
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    The EEOC is your friend.