A very eye opening article about companies who are self insured.

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    Here's the question we need to ask MT3 next time he has a "skip level". "How much profit does FedEx make from being self-insured?". The post I made earlier in the week indicates that it is extremely profitable to self-insure for Express. That means Uncle Mattie will never see this question in his pre-scripted list of ass-kissing, self-serving inquiries.
  3. Can somebody send me a pdf of the mailer or at least the pertinent numbers for money received and claims paid out? Our hr rep is coming next week and I want to put him on the spot. I don't expect him to actually answer the questions but at least I can make getting up early worthwhile...

    And I'll be honest, I threw out the mailer after skimming it for premium info for next year.
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    Check my post on "Interesting Reading" from a few days back. It's pretty shocking.