A Way to Lower Homicides and Sexual Assaults

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. wkmac

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    From January 2010' to September 2010' across the general population of all catagory types, there were 5 murders per 100k population and 29 sexual assaults per 100k population.

    However, there was a single group and their stats in these catagories was off scale from the general population averages. For murder it was 31 per 100k population and in sexual assaults, it was 73 per 100k population. These stats came from the FBI' Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics so now the question is, what specific group within the general population do these facts apply to? Illegals? No. Drug Gangs? No. Muslims? No. Running out of villians? OK, sit down because this one is going to be a shocker!

    The group responsible for so much murder and assaults are in fact none other than, drum roll please........... here you go!
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Believable but I doubt the truth of it.
  3. Baba gounj

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    could be.
    Do they count the death by cop suicides as murders ?
  4. satellitedriver

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    Key term, homicide.
    Homicide is the killing of one human by another. The killing of another, homicide, is not a crime unless the circumstances of a particular homicide fall within outlawed behavior.
    More cops get shot at, than those who got shot by a cop.
    1 in 25 Americans are sociopaths?
    Maybe, that one is right.
    1 in 25 Americans did elect Obama.

  5. Lue C Fur

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    Hmmmm...an Anti-cop, Pro-drug website...yup, its got to be true. :rofl:
  6. trplnkl

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    I'm sure there are plenty LEOs that are corrupt and in fact do murder and commit rape, however these "stats" are intentionally out of proper perspective of reality. They do not take into account, as Sat said, that a homicide isn't necessarily an illegal act and not all rape claims (nor convictions) are true.
  7. island1fox

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    If you believe that to be the truth the next time your life is in danger or you are being robbed call a gang banger and see how you do !!
  8. wkmac

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    You've assumed quite a bit there have you not? Such as, a police officer has some duty to protect you?
    Courts seem to have long standing say otherwise. Here and here for example.

    Your next assertion is that gang members portray an increased threat in society in which police officers may be required. US Justice Dept. sez from 1998' to 2003' gang violence on decline and at the time only accounted for 6% of all violent crime. Crime rates in fact in the early 1980's and again in the 1990's show overall crime rates much higher when gang member levels were not as high. In a 2008' report by the Justice Dept on non fatal violent crimes and property crimes, over a 10 year period stats show a drop across all manner of personal and property crimes and a few are worth noting.

    Seems the more one reads into the facts, the reason for such elevated fears become less and less justified on so many levels.

  9. wkmac

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    If a radical muslim said the sun will rise at sun up and the sun will set at sundown, being he is muslim, would you take the opposite POV all because he is muslim and can't therefore be right because your idealogy sez he just can't be?
  10. trplnkl

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    Hardly apple and apple there. First one is a known fact and has been for more than a day or two. Second the stats provided for a picture that just isn't totally true as presented.
  11. island1fox

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    I am just "old fashioned" I respect all police until one would give me cause not to.
    I believe the vast majority of cops live by "To protect and Serve"
    When a bad apple appears turn it to mulch !
    As life goes -most of my years are behind me --many good ones ahead but my life experience living in three different countries and numerous states east to west my life experience has been 99% favorable with any police contact. Do not need a poll to tell me what I have experienced !!!:wink2:
  12. rod

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    All the cop shows on TV don't make it any easier to "love cops". I get tired of seeing people get out of their car or walk out the door with their hands in the air only to have a half a dozen cops monkey pile the dude when its plain as day he has given up to begin with. Now if he was resisting arrest or came out shooting it would be different but come on guys- just because the camera is rolling, don't let the cop mentality go to your head.
  13. moreluck

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    Usually, just prior to the 'pile on', the cops have said........"Get down on the ground, get down, down on the ground, get down, get down..." And the perp is like "what , dude?' I'd jump on him too!!
  14. burg2202

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    I stumbled onto a dashcam video of a sociopathic Seattle police officer by the name of Ian Birk. On it you will see John T. Williams, a 7th generation native American woodcarver crossing the street in front of Birk's cruiser. He is carving on a piece of cedar with a 3 inch knife as he's walking, he has 22 seconds to live. He was deaf in one ear and hearing inpaired in the other. The knife was found closed next to the body. Out of the 5 shots fired 3 entered his right side exiting his left. 1 round through the right side of his face exiting the left side. He initially claimed that Williams lunged at him with the knife but retracted that later after multiple witnesses stated otherwise. The inquest found the shooting unjustified. Birk resigned at the end of Feb. The prosecuter is not filing charges against Birk. There is no justice. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ian+birk+dash+cam&aq=8
  15. island1fox

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    Please clarify !!
    The wood carver was walking along carving a piece of cedar with an open knife.
    The cop shot him for no reason except to kill a wood carver and the magic bullet closed the knife that was found near the body ?? Confusing !!
  16. burg2202

    burg2202 New Member

    Birk himself stated he was suprised that it was closed. Fact remains from where the shots entered Williams, he had not even turned around to respond to Birk. Birk's commands took 4 seconds before he fired. The inquest concluded that Birk did not give Williams enough time to respond. Take another look at Williams crossing the street he was 50 going on 80, Birk could have breathed on Williams to get him down, instead of 4 rounds of 9 mm.