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    I recently got accepted into another university which will be hours away from the current UPS I am working at. I wont be able to transfer locations because I cant stay at the school during christmas break or summer break. It sucks that I have to quit UPS because they have really been good to me. My question is though, When I quit is my pay going to still be the same when I come back ? SINCE I DO plan on coming home to work during peak season and summer. So will my pay stay the same or will i be dropped all the way back down to a measly 8.50 ????
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    I think some locals (or maybe the national?) allow a certain number of days lapse before you lose your seniority (and pay rate). Most of the time, your seniority will not transfer with you anyway. With that said, you'll be at the mercy of seasonal pay. By summer time, starting pt rate should be boosted to $10 though.
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    Who do you think you are? Ofcourse you will have to start over back like everybody else. How dare you even think that.
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    We've had a handful of college students return annually (usually two or three years) to work during the summer & latter half of peak; all quit & get re-hired as seasonal earning the starting wage, although they typically receive the $1 premium on subsequent returns.
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    It was just a question ? Calm down.... who do you think you are ? Offended over a post... take that elsewhere !!!!
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    Many people make sacrifices and give up on a lot of things and stick it out here at ups just to keep their payrates and everything. You will have to do the same or find another way (like me) to do both if you want to keep your payrate and seniority.
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    You might be able to take a leave of absence, which would have to by mutual approval of the company and the union. This is worth looking into, although you'd probably on the hook for your health insurance benefits. You could also try finding a place off campus and pursue a student transfer..

    If you officially quit, then you'll start back over as far as seniority, pay, and vacations are concerned.
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    You can put your two weeks in, and your senority will remain as is for like 3-4 years, I think its 4. This will allow you to keep your pay rate and benefits when you return. Ask a steward if they be so kind to fill you in on the little details as is. If you quit, I'm not sure how it works. You could end up blacklisted and never able to return, so tred softly.

    Its different to each region, so theres a lot of ground to be covered to as is your location and contract.
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    You are allowed three months off from the job. So yeah, look at this option. Yet, you might run to a douche bag soup that wont allow it because its often used for injury time or family issues.