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    I hear starting June 1st 2014(The day the new contract goes into effect) if you call in and they mark you sick/option and you don't have any sick time/option days in the system, under the new contract, the company can bill you for it?

    A few months ago, my son had surgery, and I ended up missing a whole week.My supervisor coded me as "sick" even though technically I didn't have any sick days.

    I suppose if that where to happen under the new contract, UPS would have the right to charge me for those days missed?
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    I haven't seen any change in language about that, but if they try to put you in for a paid day and you don't have one they'll see it in the computer. If they make an error in payroll and somehow pay you for something you're not entitled, it would have to be corrected.
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    I don't really see how a company can bill you for missing work. They can write you up etc if you don't have any days left etc. What techie said makes sense, if they paid you and weren't suppose to then they could basically take their money back. If I missed a day and UPS sent me a bill I would literally stick my foot in someones ass. They could bill me for that.
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    LMAO! It just didn't sound right to me.A co worker told me UPS can charge me for "time owed" if I was to be coded sick without technically having any sick time in the bank.

    My supervisor does it all the time.I work in the PSC/damage cage and they send guys home everyday because we're over staffed.A lot of the combo guys ask to be put down for an option day in order to avoid being written up for not returning for their 2nd shift.My supervisor would hook those guys up.Even though some of them had zero option days, he would code them option days anyway.It would show up on the time sheet as option day.If your 2nd shift tried to write you up, you could just show them your time/attendance sheet which read "option day".According to my supe, there's paid & unpaid option days.You can request a day off even if it's unpaid.
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    Sick days are covered under your supplement -- not all areas have sick days.

    That being said, there's a handful of ways a supervisor can code you if they don't want you to be disciplined for missing work: SICK, DISABILITY, LAYOFF, and SCHEDOFF. There's also FUNERAL, UNION (for stewards getting pulled off work, rarely used.. they usually just use SCHEDOFF or LAYOFF instead) and JURY (self-explanatory). They can do this (from what I've seen in my hub) even if you don't have any days in your bank. If you're coded as SICK and have a sick day in your bank, you'll be charged a day. You won't be "billed" for days you don't have.

    You only need to worry if they're coding you as NOCALL or CALLEDIN as they count against your attendance record.
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    If I agree to stay home, and take a sickday. I make sure they code it as layoff! You never know when they are going to switch management around. Dont wanna a new boss comming in and saying " look how many call offs Ive has!"
  7. PiedmontSteward

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    They even try to pull that okie-doke on guys in the hub. "Want to go home?" "Sure!" and then they code them as a CALLEDIN. Always check your op report.