ABS Should Be Mandatory On All UPS Equipment

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by anonymous6, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. anonymous6

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    this morning came upon an accident scene in the fog on black ice and almost became involved in a terrible 10 car pile-up with multiple injuries and maybe a fatality.

    i gently hit the brakes and immediately my tractor and two trailers started going sideways. fortunately because of many years of experience and a LOT OF LUCK I reacted just right on releasing brake, hitting the throttle , and applying the hand valve slightly , to right the rig and slow to a stop before adding to a bad situation. LUCKY and I know it.

    with ABS, this all would not happened. we have ABS equipment that I have tested in snow and ice and a set stays straight even while applying heavy brake action.

    but every piece of equipment in a set ( tractor, trailers, and dolly ) has to be ABS for it to work and we have a lot of non ABS equipment.


    don't scrimp. let's get into the 21st century with all of equipment being ABS.
  2. LongTimeComing

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    Glad to hear you are ok.

    I am in agreement here, though, the cost of such measures offset whatever Safety PR that would be attempted by doing so, I'm afraid.

    On the other hand, knowing where our quarterly 1.5 billion in profit goes would be kind of nice.....
  3. Nolimitz

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    Can you say shareholers...?
  4. pretender

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    It sounds like you made your own luck!
  5. Gumby

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    UPS will never change!!Look at all the old trucks with no power steering. They didnt come from the factory that way! They took out the power steering to save money! NO B.S.!! How many comp claims did they have to pay for bad shuolders due to lack of power steering? Better question why are these old unsafe rust buckets still on the road?? ANSWER the old all mighty dollar!!
  6. oldupsman

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    That's not luck my man that's skill. That's why you're paid as one of the highest in the industry. Sounds like you had a safe following distance
    and were prepared for the unexpected. You're right about the ABS. No excuse for every piece of equipt. we have not to have it.
  7. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Now he'll be written up for not maintaining the speed limit.
  8. Bubblehead

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    Anything you do to get off one list at UPS, puts you on another.
    There's simply no more blood left in the turnip.
  9. grgrcr88

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    Well done Orangeputah! That's why we are the best in the world!
  10. anonymous6

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    any of you that have been in a slide with feeder equipment know that it can get ugly in a split second. i was real lucky. i wish we had a skid lot we could practice on like the road supe students do at DTS. we have to practice in the REAL world.
  11. anonymous6

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    thank you. this may sound corny but I actually review the 5 seeing habits in my head everyday in different situations. i consciously maintained triple following distance and was constantly saying to myself "expect something bad ahead"

    that probably saved me.
  12. 104Feeder

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    I'll never understand why they spend all that money sending on-roads to skid school only so they can spend most of the rest of their career in the passenger seat while all we do is write out a bunch of times what to do in a skid situation then hope we remember it when it happens.
  13. rod

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    ABS ranks right up there as one of the best saftey features invented. It works great on motorcycles also.
  14. brownmonster

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    Kept malfunctioning on my 98 pickup. Fix it for a grand or dis-connect it. I went old school.
  15. pretender

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    It can get ugly in a split second, but then it seems like everything is in slow motion (for me anyway)! Years ago, they gave us the chance to go to a skid lot, but they put an end to it pretty quick before I had a chance to sign up.
  16. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    So when they graduate from prick school they can tell us how much they know. The last time one of my on-roads did a ride with me, he proudly told me that his three week class gave him seven years of driving experience. They did this class in the summer time, during the day and without any inclement weather. So you can imagine how confident they are telling us how to properly doing our job.
  17. anonymous6

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    when I start on a snow night I try to find a wide spot with no traffic and slow to 20-25 mph and then hit the brakes kinda hard to see how the set reacts. each one may react a little different. that info can be useful down the road.<br><br>the big OTR companies like Swift have skid lots for their drivers to practice on. they also mainly pull single trailers.<br><br>we also have the option to refuse the on road supe to drive during a ride along which i would probably invoke in a snowstorm.
  18. pretender

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    Like I said, you make your own "good luck"!
  19. cachsux

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    The DTS school is near us in South Holland. I know a few people on the inside. Imagine a Boy Scout overnight jamboree with trucks and you have DTS.
  20. browntruckmechanic

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    Yet another "professional driver" that does not understand that by federal mandate from the year 2000, ABS is manadatory on all vehicles built in the U.S. Yes the does include dollies and trailers. If someone would bother to actually learn about the equipment, that little yellow light on the left rear side of the trailer that is above the lower left red marker light. If you would open your eyes there is a sign in about 2 inch lettes that reads " ABS ". Yet another troll that is looking to start a wothless thread, well maybe not totally worthless this could always be used as a bad example..