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  1. browned out

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    A driver in our center was delivering in a gated sub today. An 18 year old kid backs out of her driveway as fast as she can without looking and hits UPS truck while driver is driving it. Anyway tier 3 intersection accident, driver taken out of service per dot reg due to possibility of over 4400 dollars damage. The kid tells our center manager that it was her fault; she was jamming her radio and just backed out without looking.

    Come to find out that the police were never called. Does anyone know if the police have to be called in case of an accident in a gated community?
  2. browndevil

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    What is the driver supposed to do, stop at every driveway and look LRL while honking? Amazing! Keep us posted on the outcome.
  3. browned out

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    I guess. This sub has really short driveways which makes reaction times that much faster.
  4. cosmictrucker

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    "driver taken out of service per dot reg due to possibility of over 4400 dollars damage"

    Never heard of such DOT reg.
  5. browned out

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    Over $4400 damage; injury requiring transportation by ambulance, or fatality is what is in our contract.
  6. grgrcr88

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    TRhats not a DOT reg it"s a contractual agreement. Where you located?
  7. browned out

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    Michigan It is both dot and in contract. defined as other serious offense, after dishonesty, discourteous to customer involving profanity, no call no show for three days, etc
  8. rod

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    I would have called the police in a heart beat. CYA. How come people in gated communities think they are above the law. Where I live you are required to fill out a police accident report for any accident over $1,000 dollars which now days is a scratced bumper.
  9. browned out

    browned out Active Member

    I think driver was a little shaken at the time. It was management who directed him not to call police.
  10. rod

    rod retired and happy

    That is the true definition of "Bad Management"

    SWORDFISH New Member

    I have seen lots of tier 3s and none taken out of service besides the role away. I have never even heard of that either especially when theres no injuries and the driver wasnt at fault. As far as the police being called if your on private property and neither party wants to press charges or anything the police can do nothing. Make sure the steward for your center along w/ the BA are informed of this situation so the driver is protected.:peaceful:
  12. Dark_Team_135

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    It also says there has to be "gross negligence" that results in the serious accident. What was the gross negligence in this case? That is how you get him back and paid asap...
  13. JonFrum

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    If true, I wonder if the police regard Management's directive as a crime, or just really, really bad judgement?

    I'll bet the Union would want the police at the scene to provide documentation, and to act as a witness. Police have experience and the authority to handle such things. Also, you never know what may happen in the immediate aftermath of an accident.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The location of the accident in this case is of no relevance. The police should definitely have been notified. The driver was pulled out of service pending investigation. I would not be surprised if he is back at work today.
  15. beatupbrown

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    UPS will say the driver should have seen him and honked his horn .Then one must say ok honk at all driveways with cars.
  16. FracusBrown

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    Police don't come to accidents here unless there is an injury. What difference does it make if the police were called?
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Would you want your career to hinge on a UPS investigation of an accident?
  18. tieguy

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    not necessarily but possibly. Depends on whether he could or should have seen her and whether he could have done everything possible to avoid the accident. The driver is probably out of service because its a tier 3 accident being investigated. The contract does allow us time to investigage accidents during which we take the driver out of service. A tier three costs us an average of 42000 dollars. There is probably local contract language that allows us to take him out of service for a set dollar amount.

    serious accident language requiring drug testing is where the DOT language would kick in. There is no DOT language requiring us to take someone out of service for 4400 dollars of damage.
  19. tranham

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    We had a driver charged with an accident after being t-boned at a intersection. A lady was talking on the phone and ran the red light. He failed to clear the intersection doing 40MPH.

    Another was charged when his package car was hit while parked. The lady backed out from her parking spot and never looked. She had plently of room if she had turned the otner direction.
  20. brownmonster

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    Scan the steering wheel of parked cars. Oh my god! I'm regurgitating commentaries.:greedy::whiteflag: