Accident limits for new hires?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by adam8622, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Hello, i just applied at upsf in PA. I just came off OTR with con-way truckload. I took my road test at upsf and just have to get my med card before the HR lady can summit my app to corporate. im worried that my accident record wont get me in, im 24, have had my class a for 6months with no accidents/incidents. when i was 16 i rear ended someone, and 4 years ago i had 2 accidents, 1 at fault 1 not at fault...i never received a ticket or had any property damage or injuries. do you think that will disqualify me for employment at uspf? im really trying to get in cause i knew if i did i would retire here and be able to provide a decent life for my family...the hr lady said she wasnt sure if my accident record would enable me to work for uspf, i also havent been able to see any "disqualifying accident" records online about upsf...any help? thank you!
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    Don't quote but I think they only go back 3 years.
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    wow really? 3 yrs huh? i hope thats the truth lol...the hr lady told me once she saw how many accidents it may be a no-go...the reason im worried is she said they recently turned down a guy who had an accident in 91 and they wouldnt hire him...i was thinking maybe it was a dui accident or something...i hope i get it...thx for your reply buddy! if anyone else has any info on the accident history that would be great! thx!
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    There pretty tough on accidents IMO.. And they can be... When I was givin my interview he told me there was 300 applicants for 1 position... The thing that played in my favor was my triple's experience... Good luck...
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    If they send you for a medical card... They are more than likely gonna hire you... They do not spend money unless they half too...
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    ok cool...well the hr lady stated that everyone needed a roadtest and medical card BEFORE she even sent the info to corporate to run my criminal history and my mvr...thats why i was nervous about going through everything than getting denied...actually when i went in for the 1st interview she said i needed my doubles (only had hazmat) and that she can only hire me for dockworker w/cdl...i tried talking my way into the local city position opening and she said she couldnt cause my exp and she did that before and ppl couldnt do the i said ok and told her i wont get my doubles endorsement the next day and come back for the rd test, i did...the roadtest was fri, and the driver sup or head of the drivers there took me on it, when he asked if i ever pulled doubles i said nope...after the rd test he really put in a good word for me to the hr lady and said i would make a good city driver if i can do it in a timely manor...well fri night she called me to go back online to fill out more things for the app, when i signed on the position i applied for was "local driver" and not "dockworker w/cdl", so does that mean possibly she changed it due to the good word from the head driver? i just hope all goes well with the accident thing, what she told me about them being pretty bad has me thinking whats the point on applying ya know...hopefully corporate takes into account that i was young when i had them and its been almost 5yr since any accident or ticket....i still have my fingers crossed...
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    Upstate, Insurance companies go back 10 years in history (atleast here they do).

    If you get a new quote (i.E), over the phone, an insurance company has told me, exactly for whom I have driven professional, how many accidents and points I have recieved, over the past 10 years, with dates !

    They know more then I do !.

    Anyways, my point is, the insurance company that UPS uses, will have all the info above, as I stated.
    (unless for some reason, US laws forbid it).
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    thx! well i hope i can get it....ill be pretty disappointed if i dont make the cut...
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    Adam8622, what happened to the the medical card you held while driving TL OTR?
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    I have it still...Alice (the HR lady) said I needed to get another one with "their" dr and a drug screen. I am going to that appt on Wed. Than she submits the application to corporate for my mvr and criminal after the results of the drug screen come back (so she says)...
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    The MVR depends on what state you live in. I know that here in Washington can go back 5 years for insurance and 3 years for a driving job. Good luck and check your state laws about how far they can go back on the MVR.
  12. adam8622

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    ok thanks! I just looked it up, it says PA does 10yr MRV's. Guess even the accident from when I was 16 will show up too since im only 24 lol...Oh well, I suppose I will continue on a career search!