accident today and interview next week question

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    I currently drive a big rig for a US mail contractor. The job is OK but my overall goal is to work for UPS. I even have an interview scheduled next week for a rural package delivery driver position.

    There's just one small problem, I had a small accident today. In short I started making a right turn when an suv decided to run his red light. The end result was him knocking my bumper loose and his suv getting scratched. Several people saw the accident and all, excluding SUV driver, agree it was the SUV's fault. Even the officer that stopped by seemed to be on my side.

    So, my question is, did this guy just ruin my chances of getting hired?
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  3. Richard Harrow

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    No. But had you have been working for UPS, you'd have been charged with an accident.

    UPS is the most self-loathing company there is.
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    Did the officer who "stopped by" bother to do an investigation and write up an accident report, to include the name(s) of the witnesses?

    What is a "rural package delivery driver position"?
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    I'm confused as well. Sounds like a fed ex or USPS job.
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    I must most sincerely disagree. Management loves itself. It is the non- management they loath and despise.
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    Yes, the officer did take down everyone's name and phone number.

    Sometime today I need to go fill out my own accident report at the dmv.

    [/QUOTE]What is a "rural package delivery driver position"?[/QUOTE]

    The job is for a Package Delivery Driver out in the middle of nowhere.
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    Satellite route?
  9. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    What is a "rural package delivery driver position"?[/QUOTE]

    The job is for a Package Delivery Driver out in the middle of nowhere.[/QUOTE]
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    ...Only if you are applying in Wyoming.
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    You haven't been convicted of anything. Even if it was your fault you technically haven't been in an accident till your convicted. Your good. A senior PT'r went to driver training w/ me. He had a DUI on his record but was clean for 3 yrs from date of the ticket but his conviction date was only 2 yrs and 11 months. He had to wait and I jumped ahead of him even though he a more seniority.Bad for him, good for me. Don't drink and drive!